Movies that are based on the bible

Category group: Filmatic
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Birth, Life And Death Of Christ, The 1906 33min Alice Guy-Blaché France French 8
Blind Man of Jerusalem, The 1909 11min Louis Feuillade France French 9
Christ on the Cross 1910 Louis Feuillade France French NR
Christ Walking On The Water 1899 2min Georges Méliès France French NR
David et Goliath 1910 7min Henri Andréani France French 7
Die Geburt Jesu 1909 3min Germany German NR
Exodus, The 1910 22min Louis Feuillade France French 7
From The Manger To The Cross 1912 1h 11min Sidney Olcott United States English NR
Jésus de Nazareth 1911 11min Henri Desfontaines, André Calmettes France French NR
Kiss of Judas, The 1908 8min André Calmettes, Armand Bour France French NR
La Passion de Notre Seigneur 1909 Honoré Le Sablais France French NR
La Passione di Gesù 1900 15min Ezio Cristofari, Luigi Topi Italy Italian NR
La Vie Du Christ 1898 11min Alice Guy-Blaché France French NR
Les Rameaux. Hosanna! (de Faure) 1909 3min Louis Feuillade France French NR
Life And Passion of Jesus Christ, The 1897 - 1900 12min Georges Hatot France French NR
Life And Passion Of Jesus Christ, The 1898 11min Louis Lumière, Georges Hatot France French 6
Life And Passion of Jesus Christ, The 1902 - 1905 44min Ferdinand Zecca, Lucien Nonguet France French NR
Life Of Our Saviour; Or, The Passion Play, The 1913 - 1914 1h 40min Maurice Maître France French NR
Life of St. Paul, The 1910 11min Rodolfo Kanzler, Giuseppe de Liguoro Italy Italian NR
Nativity, The 1910 14min Louis Feuillade France French 7
Palestine: Programme Biblique 1904 11min Mulsant France, Israel, Palestine French 7
Passion, The 1897 5min Albert Kirchner, Michel Coissac France French NR
Passion Play, The 1897 56min Walter W. Freeman Czechoslovakia, United States English NR
Passion Play, The 1898 1h Siegmund Lubin United States English NR
Passion Play Of Oberammergau, The 1898 19min Henry C. Vincent United States English NR
Prodigal Son, The 1901 7min Ferdinand Zecca France French NR
Redenta 1909 9min Italy Italian NR
Resurrection of Lazarus, The 1910 7min Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset, Georges Hatot France French NR
Salome 1908 8min J. Stuart Blackton United States English NR
Salomè 1910 10min Ugo Falena Italy Italian 7
Soldiers Of The Cross 1900 13min Herbert Booth, Joseph Perry Australia English NR
St. Paul and the Centurion 1910 11min France French NR
Star of Bethlehem, The 1909 11min Edwin S. Porter United States English NR
Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet 1911 11min Charles Kent United States English NR
Woman of Samaria, The 1910 10min Henri Desfontaines France, Italy Italian NR