Movie 9min

Joseph Sold By His Brethren (1909)

Original title: Joseph vendu par ses frères
Not rated.

Country France
Language French
(Original) Joseph vendu par ses frères
(Country Spesific) Joseph and His Brethren
(Country Spesific) Joseph og hans Brødre
(Country Spesific) Joseph und seine Bruder
(Le Film d’Art, 1909) Pathé Frères
(USA, 1910) Pathé Frères
(France) Pathé Frères
(US Import) Pathé Frères
Ancient Egypt Based on the Bible Bible Movie Biblical Drama Brother-Brother Relationship Drama Dreams Forgiveness Jacob son of Isaac Joseph son of Jacob Old Testament Pharaoh Reconciliation Short

A satisfactory and clear interpretation of this old story. Every child knows it, and it is here presented in the beauty of Oriental color. One need not repeat it, but one may commend it as an adequate representation of a subject which appeals to all who read the Bible. The story is closely followed, since it is sufficiently dramatic in itself to hold interest without the necessity of resorting to rearrangement or additions. The whole narrative is reproduced, and so graphically is it done that a stronger impression than the mere reading was capable of producing is made upon the audience. It is an excellent Lenten subject, and churches and Sunday schools could use it with profit to themselves and benefit to their congregations.

Source: The Moving Picture World, March 12, 1910

Joseph was the son of Jacob and Rachel. His father’s affection for him, and reckless dreams, which promised him a glorious future, aroused the jealousy of his brothers against him. Delivered by them to Ishmaelite merchants, Joseph was later taken to Egypt and sold to Potiphar steward of the royal house. The latter’s wife slandered the young Israelite, whom she had not been able to seduce, and forced her husband to throw him in prison. There he meets the pharaoh’s chanter and baker, to whom he foretells the future, happy for the former, unhappy for the latter. Returning to grace, the singer remembered his former captive companion and introduced him to the court. Joseph was then 30 years old. He calmed the pharaoh’s anxieties by showing him, in two dreams that had terrified him, the announcement of seven years of abundance to be followed by seven years of sterility. The prince filled him with honors. Joseph's predictions came true. Pressed by need, lacking wheat, Jacob’s sons went to Egypt, unaware that the Prime Minister was the brother they had sold as slaves. He was moved and forgave them. On their return to Canaan, the sons of Jacob told their father the glory of Joseph and brought him back to Egypt, where Pharaoh established him in the land of Gessen with all his family.

Source: Pathe Freres - Translated

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