Movie 7min

The Resurrection of Lazarus (1910)

Original title: La Résurrection de Lazare
Not rated.

Directors Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset , Georges Hatot
Country France
Language French
(Original) La Résurrection de Lazare
Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Black and White Drama Jesus Christ Jesus in the home of Mary and Martha Jesus Miracles Short Silent Film The Raising of Lazarus

Lazarus and his sisters, Martha and Mary, are dearly beloved of Jesus, and the first scene shows Jesus in the home of His friends where He is being entertained in their quaint, homelike fashion. Jesus departs on a long journey, and during His absence Lazarus is taken seriously ill, and despite the great efforts which are made to save him he finally breathes his last, to the great grief and despair of his sisters. After the customary formalities, the body is borne forth to the tomb, followed by the weeping sisters, and other mourners. The two are doubly grieved, as they feel that if their dear Master, Jesus of Nazareth, were there He could relieve them. As Mary is mourning alone and most dejectedly, suddenly there appears before her a vision of her Lord Jesus, and He tells her in His calm, comforting voice, to be of good cheer, for He is able to put an end to her sorrows, and is willing to help her. A few days later Jesus returns to Bethany, and the home of the bereaved sisters, and as He approaches the house He meets Mary, still weeping in her grief for her dear brother. She tells the sad tale to the Master and His heart is filled with compassion; He bids her to put an end to her sorrows, and begs her to accompany Him, together with Martha, to the tomb of their brother. At first she and her friends demur, saying, "Alas, it is too late, Three days has he already lain in the grave." But the Master does not heed their protestations; He approaches the tomb, and after a prayer to His Father in Heaven, He commands the young man to come forth. At the sound of His voice, Lazarus arises, and arrayed in the glistening white apparel of the grave, approaches the Master, and with an exclamation of joy and wonder, falls upon his knees at Jesus' feet. The wondrous miracle is accomplished, and the vast multitude which has gathered around join in a shout of praise and glory to the Messiah.

Source: Moving Picture World

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