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Joseph Sold By His Brethren (1904)

Original title: Joseph vendu par ses frères
Not rated.

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Director Vincent Lorant-Heilbronn
Country France
Language French
(Alternative) Joseph Sold by His Brothers
(Original) Joseph vendu par ses frères
(France, 1904) Pathé Frères
(USA, 1904) Pathé Frères
(USA, 1904) S. Lubin
(US Import, 1904) Pathé Frères
Ancient Egypt Based on the Bible Bible Movie Biblical Drama Black and White Brother-Brother Relationship Drama Dreams Joseph son of Jacob Lost Film Old Testament Pharaoh Prison Short Silent Film Slavery

This film depicts the Biblical scenes when Joseph is sold by his brothers and taken to Egypt, where he finally landed in jail. He explains to his fellow-prisoners their dreams saying one will go free while the other will hang. His predictions come true. the King has some dreams which he wanted to have explained, and he had Joseph brought before him. Joseph explained his dreams and was made Governor. We see Joseph is tempted by Pharaon's wife, and how he is crowned Governor. This picture makes an exceedingly fine show for church fairs.

Source: Lubin Catalog

5 Scenes
Sold by his Brethren. (Vendu.)
Joseph son of Jaceb, is hated by his brothers because of the Father's greater love of him than of themselves; they hold counsel to destroy him, but decide to throw him inte a pit, and to dip his coat of many colours in the blood of a goat and take it to their Father, saying some wild beast has devoured him. Joseph begs for his life, but they cast him into the pit and are about to depart, when some Ismaelite merchants arrive with their caravans, so the brethren sell Joseph to them, as slave, and then depart.
In Captivity. (En captivité.)
Joseph is sitting silently thinking of his fate while the merchants prepare their repast. A boat is seen approaching and all curiously await its arrival. It is Potiphar, Captain of Pharoah's army. He takes pity on Joseph and buys him fromthe merchants. Potiphar then departs with his new Slave.
Tempted by Potiphar's wife. (Tenté par la femme de Putiphar.)
Potiphar's wife enraged because her advances are rejected by Joseph, calls the Guards, and has him cast into prison. The King's Wine Bearer who is a prisoner with Joseph approaches him and asks for an interpretation of a dream. "I dreamed, said he, that three vines sprang up from the earth which blossomed and turned to fruit. I plucked the grapes and squeezed their juice into Pharoah's cup". Rejoice, said Joseph. for the King will shortly restore you to favour.

Another prisoner, the King’s Baker, anxiously asks Joseph also for the Interpretation of a dream he had dreamed. "I Carried three baskets filled with bread on my head, and the birds of the air came and picked the bread from the baskets". Joseph said, in three days you will be killed and the birds of the air will pick the flesh from your body. The Gaoler who comes to put the prisoners in their cells is commanded by Potiphar’s wife to leave Joseph. She tries to embrace him but he thrusts her away; furious, she orders him to be again imprisoned.
Interpretation of Pharaoh's Dreams. (Explications des songes de Pharaon.)
Paraoah stretched upon his couch sends away the wise men who are unable to interpret a dream he has had. He is told of the prisoner Joseph who interpreted the dreams of his servants aright, and orders that he be brought before him. "I dreamed, he said, that seven fat Kine fed upon the fertile ground, then came seven lean Kine, and swallowed up the fine Kine."

The interpretation, said Jospeh, is this. There will be seven years of prosperity and abundance after which will come 7 years of famine.

Pharaoah secends from his throne and tells Joseph he is to be the head over all Egypt, himself only excepted.
Joseph exalted. - Apotheosis. (Triomphe de Joseph ; Apothéose.)
Catalog tells us that the whole of this scene is coloured.

Joseph is now the head Minister of Egypt, the soldiers and courtiers prostrate themselves before him. He is seated upon the throne when his 10 brothers accompanied by Benjamin come and bow down before him.

Joseph recognises them but receives them coldly and speaking to Simeon asks. Who is the young man. "He is the youngest son of our Father, Jacob" he replies

Joseph then makes them approach and sit at his side. To their astonishment he then reveals himself to them as their brother and embraces them.
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Lucien Nonguet - Director (Assistant)
Hugues Laurent - Production Design
Gaston Dumesnil - Production Design
Vincent Lorant-Heilbronn - Director