About BetweenMovies.com

BetweenMovies.com is the passion project of one person, but with the aim of being able to engange multiple people in the adding and refining the content of the page. The idea began many years ago after a few years of developing and reviewing movies at my norwegian site kristenfilm.com and with the wish of making a similar and more broader site for an international audience. Where the first site was overly simple, this site would add more content and build a great database of movies.

The main goal for this site is to begin by adding all movies with religious content, no matter what religion. When focusing on this narrow subject it is possible to give much more precise recommendations and spesific information to the visitor. Admittedly, the film will focus first and formost on Christian movies, because they are the ones most abundant, but maybe even more interesting is it to dive deeper into other religions and their useage of the film medium in conveying their message.

Together with adding religious films, other topics will become relevant as well, meaning the lines are blurred and thus the content will broaden in time. For instance, one goal is to expand into philosophical movies, then maybe political, historical, mythological, psychological and even scientific movies.

Currently, the site is in it's humble beginnings focusing on early cinema, as well as adding functionality to the backend system in order to make it easy to administer everything on the pages.