Movies by Kleine Optical Company

Title Year Length Directors Role Rating
Armenian Archbishop, Rome, The 1898 William K.L. Dickson Distribution NR
Attack on a China Mission 1900 4min James Williamson Distribution 7
Birth, Life And Death Of Christ, The 1906 33min Alice Guy-Blaché Distribution 8
Blind Man of Jerusalem, The 1909 11min Louis Feuillade Distribution 9
Corpus Christi Procession, Orvieto 1898 1min William K.L. Dickson Distribution 5
Exodus, The 1910 22min Louis Feuillade Distribution 7
Faust and Marguerite 1904 15min Georges Méliès Distribution 8
Life And Passion of Jesus Christ, The 1902 - 1905 44min Ferdinand Zecca, Lucien Nonguet Distribution NR
Lord’s Prayer, The 1910 5min Louis Feuillade Distribution NR
Pope Leo XIII 1898 - 1903 4min William K.L. Dickson Distribution 9
Prodigal Son, The 1901 7min Ferdinand Zecca Distribution NR
St. Paul and the Centurion 1910 11min Distribution NR
Wandering Jew, The 1904 3min Georges Méliès Distribution 8