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The Vow; Or, Jephthah's Daughter (1910)

Original title: La fille de Jephté
Emerging victorious from a war, Jephthah swears to sacrifice the first person who leaves his house: His daughter will be chosen.

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Directors Léonce Perret, Louis Feuillade
Country France
Language French
(Original) La fille de Jephté
(Alternative) Jephthah's Daughter
(Short) The Vow
(Country Spesific) La figlia di Jefte
Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Black and White Book of Judges Drama Father-Daughter Relationship Historical Drama Human Sacrifice Jephthah's Daughter Judaism Mourning Old Testament Short Silent Film Tragedy

Jephthah, the ninth judge of the Israelites, a natural son of Gilead, of the tribe of Manasseh, was expelled from his home by his brothers, at the death of his father, on account of his illegitimate birth. He withdrew to the land of Tob, where he became the chief of a band of brigands. Later on, when the Israelites resolved to oppose the Ammonites, they invited Jephthah to become their commander. He accepted the invitation on condition that he should remain their ruler if he defeated the Ammonites. When setting forth against the enemy, Jephthah, who perhaps feared that the Lord would not favor him on account of his past, made a solemn vow to the Lord that if he returned victorious he would offer up for a burnt offering whatsoever first "came forth from the doors of his house" to meet him. When Jephthah's daughter, and only child, heard of her father's victory and return she rushed to meet him and was the first person to "come forth from Jephthah's house."

Source: Moving Picture World

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Jeanne Marie-Laurent -
Fabienne Fabrèges -
Renée Carl -
Valentine Petit -
Léonce Perret -
Abel Gance - Writer
Louis Feuillade - Writer
Léonce Perret - Director
Louis Feuillade - Director
Very good production

I was unsure what to expect of a film about such a difficult part of the Bible, but this blew me away. A big part of the film was about how much Jephthah loves his Daughter, making the sacrifice so much more to bear. Also, the scenery is very nice and so many good locations are used. The things that are negative are that it should be more clear what the promise Jephthah made was, the war scene could have been so much more, and the temple scene seems to be one of the few with a backdrop. The acting is very good as you can really sense the joy and the sorrow in the faces.