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The Birth, Life And Death Of Christ (1906)


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Director Alice Guy-Blaché
Country France
Language French
(Complete) La naissance, la vie et la mort de Notre-Seigneur Jésus-Christ
(Original) La vie du Christ
(Original) La naissance, vie et passion du Christ
(Alternative) La Passion ou la Vie de Notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ
Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Birth of Jesus Black and White Death of Jesus Drama Entry into Jerusalem Feminism Jesus Arrested Jesus Christ Jesus in Gethsemane Jesus Miracles Jesus Mocked and Flogged Mary Magdalena follows Jesus Peter's Denial Pontius Pilatus Samaritan Woman Short Silent Film St. Joseph St. Mary St. Mary Magdalena St. Veronica Teaching in the Temple The Adoration of Infant Jesus The Burial of Jesus The Crucifixion The Last Supper The Nativity The Passion The Road to Golgotha The Trial Before Pilate The Wise Men The Women at the Tomb

Alice Guy-Blaché’s film La vie du Christ(The Birth, the Life, and the Death of Christ) from 1906 tells the story of Jesus Christ from birth to resurrection in 25 scenes based on paintings. It was fuelled by her purchase of a copy of Jacques Tissot’s illustrated Bible in 1900 and became one of her most ambitious movies. It was a big hit in France and could boast of having over 100 extras. The film contained many scenes of Jesus' life that were never filmed before, like the raising of Jairus' daughter as well as the woman anointing Jesus' feet.

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Lonys -
Albert Fouché -
Edouard Grisollet - Jesus
Alice Guy-Blaché - Director
Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset - Director (Assistant)
Alice Guy-Blaché - Writer
Anatole Thiberville - Cinematography (Other)
Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset - Production Design
Henri Ménessier - Production Design
Georges Hatot - Director (Collaborator)
Focused on the End

Many praise Alice Guy for implementing feminist ideas into the movie by focusing extra on women, and in many ways that is correct. I found it however peculiar how much of the film is focused on the Passion, from when Jesus rides into Jerusalem forward. There are a few scenes of Jesus' birth, few of his mission, but then over half is focused on the Passion, not to mention the road to Golgotha alone. The film is very nicely done, and I found it oddly satisfying and meditative. There are a lot of things to put one's attention on like children playing and people reacting and angels appearing and disappearing. It was truly a great feature of its time.