Movie 5min

The Lord’s Prayer (1910)

Original title: Le Pater
Not rated.

Director Louis Feuillade
Country France
Language French
(Original) Le Pater
Allegory Black and White Death of Child Early Christians Jesus Christ Prayer Short Silent Film Temptation The Lord's Prayer

"The Lord's Prayer" is an illustration of the biblical prayer of Jesus Christ made in seven scenes. These scenes are: "Our Father, who art in Heaven", "Hallowed be thy Name", "Thy Kingdom Come", "Thy Will be done.", "Give us this day our daily bread.", "Lead us not into temptation", and "Deliver us from Evil". George Kleine, who distributed the film for Gaumont, called it the first in their "Aesthetic Film" series(in France, it was called "Film esthétique Gaumont" or "Le Film Esthétique").

The Lord's Prayer: Even though we be engrossed in the utterly material, the common round of the struggle for bread or for gold and precious stones, how these words move us! Some of us may not even be sure of the words, so long it is since we knelt at our mother's knee and repealed it softly, rather abashed at the sound of the sacred symphony in our own voices. Perhaps we may dimly remember just how we said it, slowly, very slowly, with quite a pause after each phrase, and maybe there was a picture in our minds for each group of words; a vague, glorious picture, with a glow of yellow light upon it, and a halo of exaltation around it. "Our Father Who Art in Heaven" That tender address! Who is so absorbed in worldly matters that those words convey him no vision? "Hallowed Be Thy Name" A chastened reverence fills our very soul; we see a world of bended heads, a study in humility. "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done on Earth as It Is in Heaven" We are lifted up by a wave of reverence, an ecstasy of renunciation. "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" How small and helpless we are, after all; supplicants for favor, lacking which we are but clay. "And Forgive Us Our Trespasses" Are we not almost ashamed as we ask it? "As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us" We bow our heads in contrition as memories of anger and bitterness against our neighbor confuse us. "Lead Us Not Into Temptation" While the spirit is upon us, we almost think there is no temptation. "But Deliver Us Prom Evil" Evil! What dark vision is that our brain conjures up? But we smile: for are we not protected? "For Thine Is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, Forever and Ever, Amen." What a study for the maker of pictures! To materialize insofar as moving pictures may be said to materialize, the half-formed visions of a sacred dream, the realization of idealization. It seems almost too much to expect, and yet it has been accomplished with a wealth of beauty and an inspiration of action that makes one forget it is a moving picture at all. Truly, there is an artist in the house of Gaumont. There is an impressionable age which we all pass through, in which all things out of the ordinary leave a deep, almost extravagant impression upon us. In those years, when we witness the rendition of some heroic play by one gifted in the art of representation, we leave the scene so transported that we scarcely recognize our commonplace surroundings. The period passes as the years advance: but now and then, even when we think that quality of our soul is dead, a bit of nature, a strain of music, a picture will recall it. "The Lord's Prayer" is such a picture: and if one can witness it without experiencing that strange exaltation let him go home and. kneeling, repeat the sacred words until they become real to him once more.

Source: Moving Picture World

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Louis Feuillade - Director