Privacy Policy (Last updated: 19.04 2023)

This site tries to follow the GDPR rules and take your security and privacy seriously, as well as giving you the power over your personal data. Of personal data, we only hold your email as personal information that is mandatory in order to keep an account. By visiting and using the site we also make use of your IP address as well as browser information by default. We will never ask you on this site for your address or credit card information as we do not sell nor ship anything.

After creating an account we will ask you for name, username, gender, age, country, picture and other personal items if you want more personalized experience. This means that we may use your data in order to reccomend content suited for you if you wish. These are not mandatory and you can remove them if you want, but you also share them by your own free will and understanding. This data will be used anonymously, by consent, in public statistics as well as internal analyis and algorithms. We never send this information to any third party.

You have the right to access all your data, change it, delete or withraw all your consents given (which may lead to a termination of your account as an account presupposes conset. You have no right to have an account). In order to request or delete your data, send us an email with the from the form in the footer, and we will manually send you the data or delete your data based on your request. In the future this will be changed to a more automated process.

Sensitive data, such as passwords and IP adresses are stored securely and non-reversably encrypted. Views, logs, and other internal trackings are stored for 2 years after wich they are obfuscated into totally anonymous data. This site is hosted by WebHostingBuzz that is located in the US.

Currently this site is run by only one person, John Larsen. If you need to contact use the option in the footer.

Since you own only your data - we can remove anything copied from other sites that you cannot prove is yours(like reviews). We also have the right to suspend reviews and/or suspends accounts on this ground.

We consider the EU Cookie law stupid, but try still to follow it as unintrusively as possible where cookies are used. We use cookies for some of the functions we provide. External cookies are so far only Google Analytics and Google Adsense. Read about Google Adsense Privacy policy here. More on this in our cookie policy.

Links from our site to other sites on the internet are not under this Privacy Policy because we do not control them. All these sites should have their own privacy policy that you should read.

When we make changes to this document, we will change the date on top to when it was last changed. In the future we may add measures to notify you as a user.