Movies about death of child

Category group: Theme
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Christmas Eve At Sunset 1908 11min United States English NR
Faust 1910 18min Enrico Guazzoni, Henri Andréani, David Barnett France, Italy, United Kingdom French 7
Judgment Of Solomon, The 1904 2min France French NR
Judgment Of Solomon, The 1909 6min J. Stuart Blackton United States English 8
Little Jim; or, The Cottage Was a Thatched One 1902 2min Dicky Winslow United Kingdom English NR
Lord’s Prayer, The 1910 5min Louis Feuillade France French NR
Ora Pro Nobis; Or, The Poor Orphan's Last Prayer 1901 1min Walter R. Booth United Kingdom English NR
Saved By Divine Providence 1910 11min United States English NR
Ten Nights In A Bar-room 1901 13min United States English NR