Movies about prayer

Category group: Subject
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
A Child's Prayer; Or, The Good Samaritan 1908 3min United States English 7
A Miracle Under The Inquisition 1904 3min Georges Méliès France French 6
After Many Years 1908 17min D.W. Griffith United States English NR
Ave Maria (de Gounod) 1904 2min Alice Guy-Blaché France French, Latin NR
Ave Maria (Gounod) 1906 2min Arthur Gilbert United Kingdom English, Latin NR
Bernadette Soubirous et les Apparitions de Lourdes 1909 12min Honoré Le Sablais France French 9
Christmas Eve Tragedy 1908 10min France French 5
Christus der Retter ist da 1909 6min Germany German NR
Delhi, Great Capital of India 1909 4min Camille Legrand France, India English 8
Deux bons coeurs d'apaches 1910 4min Max Linder France French NR
Deux Petits Jésus 1910 17min Georges Denola France French 8
Faust 1904 16min Ferdinand Zecca France French 8
Genii Of Fire, The 1908 5min Georges Méliès France French 7
His Mother's Portrait; Or, The Soldier's Vision 1900 1min Lewin Fitzhamon United Kingdom English NR
Humanity Through The Ages 1908 16min Georges Méliès France French NR
Joan of Arc 1909 16min Albert Capellani France French 7
La légende du point d’Argentan 1907 7min France French 7
La Prière de la Poupée 1909 France French NR
L'ange De Noël 1907 5min France French 9
Le messager de Notre-Dame 1910 4min Michel Carré France French NR
Le Noël de Colombine 1907 8min France French 5
Little Jim; or, The Cottage Was a Thatched One 1902 2min Dicky Winslow United Kingdom English NR
Little Tyrolian's Christmas, The 1910 8min France French 8
Lord’s Prayer, The 1910 5min Louis Feuillade France French NR
Ora Pro Nobis; Or, The Poor Orphan's Last Prayer 1901 1min Walter R. Booth United Kingdom English NR
Palestine 1896 1897 18min Auguste Lumiere, Alexandre Promio France, Israel, Palestine French 7
Parish Priest's Christmas, The 1906 6min Alice Guy-Blaché France French 6
Pride 1910 7min Legrand, Camille Dumény France French NR
Prière du Muezzin 1896 1min Alexandre Promio Algeria, France French 4
Providence Of The Waves, Or, The Dream Of A Poor Fisherman, The 1904 5min Georges Méliès France French NR
Sign Of The Cross, The 1904 10min William Haggar United Kingdom English NR
Sister Angelica 1909 7min Michel Carré France French NR
St. Paul and the Centurion 1910 11min France French NR
Temptation Of Saint Anthony, The 1898 1min Georges Méliès France French 8
Tentation de Saint-Antoine 1903 2min Gaston Velle France French NR
Verski praznik zadusnica 1905 1min Milton Manaki, Janaki Manaki North Macedonia Macedonian 4
Way of the Cross, The 1909 11min J. Stuart Blackton United States English NR