Movies produced in 1896

Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Church Parade at Portsmouth 1896 Esmé Collings United Kingdom English NR
Conjuring 1896 1min Georges Méliès France French 5
Couronnement du tsar Nicolas II à Moscou 1896 8min Charles Moisson France, Russia French 6
Haunted Castle, The 1896 3min Georges Méliès France French 7
Knights of Templar Parade 1896 James H. White United States English NR
La Tentation De Saint Antoine 1896 1min Eugène Pirou France French NR
Mariage du prince Victor-Emmanuel 1896 1min Charles Moisson France, Italy French NR
Pigeons sur la place Saint-Marc 1896 1min Charles Moisson France, Italy French 6
Place Saint-augustin 1896 Georges Méliès France French NR
Prière du Muezzin 1896 1min Alexandre Promio Algeria, France French 4
Sortie de la Cathédrale 1896 1min Charles Moisson France, Germany French NR
Sortie de l’église 1896 1min Louis Lumière France French 4