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Faust (1904)


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Director Ferdinand Zecca
Country France
Language French
Angels Based on Play Black and White Demons Desire Dog Drama Duel Fantasy Gothic Hell Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Pact with the Devil Prayer Proposal Short Silent Film Soul Temptation The Devil Tragedy Vision Witch Witchcraft

Pathé made a complete Faust film in 1904, although it is pretty unknown, but not lost. They re-released the film later under Pathé-Consortium with an intro and outro by Bétove, or Michel-Maurice Lévy, the French composer, and this is now it is preserved. The film is kept by Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé. There are also a few postcard pictures in the Pathé archives of this movie, dating it to 1904 and attributing it to Henri Andréani, Georges Fagot and Ferdinand Zecca, although Fagot's involvement in a movie like this, this early, seems improbable and just a mix up with the later version.

11 Scenes
Old Doctor Faust's room (La chambre du vieux docteur Faust)
He studies old books, prepares an elixir, and drinks it.
Appearance of Mephistonhélès in the smoke.
Scene of temptation (Scènes de tentation)
The fair (La kermesse)
Old Doctor Faust with the drinkers.
Faust in his room (Faust dans sa chambre)
New appearance of Mephistopheles.
Faust sells his soul to Mephistopheles.
After hesitation, he signs the pact with his blood.
Metamorphosis of Faust into a young man.
(the Pathé rooster is inserted in this image)
Old Mephistopheles and Faust go to see a witch (Méphistophélès et Faust âgé vont voir une sorcière)
She prepares an elixir of youth that Faust drinks.
Metamorphosis of Faust.
Village square (Place du village)
Faust approaches Marguerite
Marguerite's house (Maison de Marguerite)
Méphistophélès appears and gives the necklace to Marguerite.
Mephistopheles disappears.
Happy Marguerite sings in front of her spinning wheel.
The arrival of Faust. Seduction scene.
Marguerite in the garden, tormented, prays in front of a altar (Marguerite dans le jardin, tourmentée, prie devant un reposoir)
Short appearance of Mephistopheles.
In front of Marguerite's house (Devant la maison de Marguerite)
Return of soldiers returning from the war.
Faust in search of Marguerite.
Marguerite arrives and enters the house with Faust.
Duel scene. Faust injured.
Faust is dying. Marguerite is weeping.
Mephistopheles leads Faust to hell (Méphistophélès entraine Faust en enfer)
He is surrounded and assaulted by demons.
The vision of Marguerite's image.
Faust begs Mephistopheles to give him back his life.
Ride of Faust and Mephistopheles.
Marguerite is weeping (Marguerite en pleurs)
Arrival of the Risen Faust.
Marguerite's madness.
Appearance of an angel.
Marguerite expires in the arms of Faust, saved by her repentance.
Apotneosis of Marguerite .
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Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe - Writer (Play)
Ferdinand Zecca - Director
Entertainging Faust

This Faust movie, if indeed made in 1904, is one of the better ones of the time, telling the whole classical Faust story. Since it is a silent film it works very well as one, as the story is not lost on you but well presented. I must say, this is one of the more entertaining variants, and even if it gets some ideas from earlier Melies it stands fully on it's own. Very good, but a pity it is still very difficult to find.