Movie 4min

Deux bons coeurs d'apaches (1910)

Not rated.

Director Max Linder
Country France
Language French
(Working) Deux bons coeurs
Black and White Children Christmas Comedy Crusifix Family Gift Miracles Poverty Prayer Short Silent Film

In a poor, sparsely furnished room, a little boy puts his shoes in front of the fireplace and addresses a prayer to a cross hanging above. The mother and father, poorly dressed, come out shortly after, leaving the child asleep. In another room, this one richly furnished, a couple retires leaving a child also asleep. Outside a couple of prowlers are looking for something to do. They enter the room of the poor people but a noise forces them to hide. The parents return empty-handed. The father then takes the crucifix and places it in the child's shoes. The two Apaches leave and shortly after we see them enter the room of the bourgeois. The father and mother also return, but their arms laden with gifts which they place in front of the fireplace. So our two thieves take all the toys without taking anything else and… bring them to the other room. Before leaving, they kiss happy for their good deed. (Scenario from vision)

Source: Pathe Freres - Translated

Translated from the script at Bibliothèque nationale de France.
A poor room.
The mother catches her little daughter who goes to put her shoes in the fireplace. - The mother looks at her with a sorry look, the father enters in despair, he explains that he couldn't find a penny to buy Christmas gifts for their child. The mother shows him the little shoe in the fireplace. Despair of the father and the mother, leaving after having kissed the child.
A very rich child's room.
The father and mother put their child to bed, and they put their little shoes in the fireplace. - After having put their daughter to bed, the father and the mother escape on tiptoe in order not to wake her.
The attic
Two Apaches enter the attic through a vestibule, they see that nothing is stolen and go to leave, when they hear a noise, they hide behind the bed; they see the father and the mother who come desperately and put in their child's shoes a crucifix which was above their bed.
In the street.
In the foreground, two Apaches try to open a window.
The rich room.
The Apaches appear by the crossroads, when they are about to steal candelabras, they hear a noise. They hide behind the double curtains, the father and mother enter carrying in their arms a number of toys which they place in the fireplace. After they leave, the two Apaches run away, seeing that there is nothing to steal, but they retrace their steps and remember the scene they just saw in the attic, deciding to take the toys from the house of the rich child to put them in that of the poor child. Stage play. They leave, taking the toys.
The attic.
The Apaches arrive, depositing the toys in the fireplace of the poor child, they leave after blowing a kiss to the little girl.
Same decor. It's morning, the child jumps out of bed and grabs the dolls. At this moment, between the father and the mother. Surprised by seeing their child playing with great toys. Joy of our three characters. The father, taking the crucifix, shows it to his wife and all three begin to pray.
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Max Linder - Director