Movies in children

Category group: Genre
Child categories: Teen Movie
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
A Child's Prayer; Or, The Good Samaritan 1908 3min United States English 7
A Trip to Salt Lake City 1905 2min United States English 7
Barber's Baby's Christening, The 1908 6min Viggo Larsen Denmark Danish NR
Childhood's Vows 1900 3min United States English NR
Christmas 1906 5min Gaston Velle Italy Italian NR
Christmas Angel, The 1904 10min Georges Méliès France French 7
Christmas Miracle 1905 3min France French 7
Christmas-Night 1902 2min France French NR
Deux bons coeurs d'apaches 1910 4min Max Linder France French NR
Devil's Pot 1903 2min Gaston Velle France French 4
Diabolical Saucepan, The 1904 2min France French NR
Évian: Procession De La Fête-dieu 1898 4min France French 4
Grandmother's Story 1908 12min Georges Méliès France French 5
Halifax Catholic Procession 1905 4min Ireland, United Kingdom English 5
La Lettre au Bon Dieu 1905 3min France French NR
L'ange De Noël 1907 5min France French 9
Le fil de la vierge 1910 4min Louis Feuillade France French NR
Le Noël de Colombine 1907 8min France French 5
Leggenda Di San Nicola 1907 5min Italy Italian NR
Little Globe Trotter, The 1906 5min Alice Guy-Blaché France French NR
Manchester Catholics Whitsuntide Procession 1904 11min United Kingdom English 7
Modern Prodigal, The 1910 13min D.W. Griffith United States English 8
Noël des six Petits Riches et des six Petits Pauvres 1910 5min NR
Old Isaacs, the Pawnbroker 1908 10min Wallace McCutcheon United States English NR
Palestine - Programme documentaire 1904 15min Mulsant Egypt, France, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine French 7
Tale of the Ark 1909 6min Arthur Melbourne Cooper United Kingdom English 6