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A Miracle Under The Inquisition (1904)

Original title: Un miracle sous l'inquisition
An executioner attempts to burn a woman at the stake but his victim comes back as an angel and gives him what he deserves.

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Director Georges Méliès
Country France
Language French
(Original) Un miracle sous l'inquisition
(USA, 1904) Georges Méliès
(France, 1904) Star-Film
Angels Black and White Burned on a Stake Dreams Fantasy Horror Middle Ages Miracles Monk Prayer Revenge Short Silent Film The Spanish Inquisition Trick Film Witch Witch Trials

hows the interior of an execution vault. The executioner is seen dragging by a rope his victim, a beautiful woman. Two monks enter to assist him; he commands them to do her fast to the pillory and bind her with oil-soaked cloth. She is on her knees and begs and prays that she be spared; but he turns a deaf ear to her pleading and shows her the sentence papers, which exact death as the penalty. After she is securely bound he seizes a torch and applies the flames to her. She is at once enveloped in a sheet of fire, and is soon consumed by the flames. Commanding the monks to go, the executioner looks with satisfaction on the ashes of his victim and rubs his hands in glee. Tired of his gruesome labors, he sits down in the chair and falls off to sleep, when there appears on the stairs an angel who steps down and tells him he will be punished for killing this innocent woman. He fades into space; the woman gradually appears in his place and he is seen tied fast to the pillory. Flames envelop him, and the monks, hearing his cries of agony, rush in, only to flee out again in terror. This is a most exciting subject, full of action and surprises.

Source: Georges Melies Catalog - Supplement 4, 1904

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Georges Méliès - The Executioner
Mlle. Bodson - The Condemned Woman
Georges Méliès - Director
Help from an angel

A woman is burned to death during the inquisition, prays, making an angel appear after to reverse the roles. There is not much more to it. The fire is a real fire, but the rest of the effects are quite simple for the time. Story points fingers toward the "monks" here, as the bad guys that get what they deserve.