Movies produced in 1900

Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Arles: la sortie de Saint-Trophime 1900 1min France French 4
Attack on a China Mission 1900 4min James Williamson United Kingdom English 7
Attack on a Mission Station 1900 1min Sagar Mitchell, James Kenyon United Kingdom English 6
Boxers Sacking a Mission Station 1900 United Kingdom English NR
Childhood's Vows 1900 3min United States English NR
Christmas Dream, The 1900 4min Georges Méliès France French 6
Cohen and Coon 1900 1min J. Stuart Blackton United States English NR
Faust and Marguerite 1900 1min Edwin S. Porter United States English 5
Hartmanns Begravelse 1900 1min Peter Elfelt Denmark Danish 5
Hindoo Jugglers, The 1900 1min Walter R. Booth United Kingdom English NR
His Mother's Portrait; Or, The Soldier's Vision 1900 1min Lewin Fitzhamon United Kingdom English NR
Joan of Arc 1900 11min Georges Méliès France French 6
La Passione di Gesù 1900 15min Ezio Cristofari, Luigi Topi Italy Italian NR
Life And Passion of Jesus Christ, The 1897 - 1900 12min Georges Hatot France French NR
Massacre of the Christians by the Chinese 1900 1min Siegmund Lubin United States English NR
Miracles Of Brahmin, The 1900 4min Georges Méliès France French NR
Phrosine and Meledore 1900 2min Arthur Marvin United States English NR
Pope Leo XIII 1898 - 1903 4min William K.L. Dickson Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City State English 9
Prince of Darkness, The 1900 1min F.S. Armitage United States English NR
Prodigal Son, The 1900 7min Michel Carré France French 6
Seven Capital Sins, The 1900 3min Georges Méliès France French NR
Soldiers Of The Cross 1900 13min Herbert Booth, Joseph Perry Australia English NR
Soubrettes In A Bachelor's Flat 1900 1min United States English NR
St. Mary's Congregation 1900 3min United States English NR
Temptation Of St. Anthony, The 1900 1min Arthur Marvin United States English NR
Trouble at the Christening 1900 2min United States English NR
Wedding Ceremony In A Church 1900 2min United Kingdom English 7