Documentary 18min

Palestine 1896 (1897)

Original title: La Palestina en 1896

+ 16 images
Directors Auguste Lumiere , Alexandre Promio
Countries France Israel Palestine
Language French
(Original) La Palestina en 1896
(Alternative) Alexandre Promio en Turquie
Actuality Film Bishop Black and White Documentary Islam Istanbul Jerusalem Jew Judaism Muslim Ottoman Empire Palestine People Prayer Religion Short Silent Film Travel Via Dolorosa Wailing Wall

The collection of films produced by the Lumiere brothers shows different scenes from Jerusalem and around Palestine in 1896. Alexandre Promio manage to capture two religions living side by side, both Jews and Muslims, during the Ottoman Empire. He had some difficulty getting his camera to be accepted. Originally there are 22 parts to the series of films from the trip Alexandre Promio made to Turkey(and Palestina), but the usual find of this is a collection under separate titles like "Palestine 1896", "Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem", "Jerusalem, Jaffa Gate, East Side", "Leaving Jerusalem by Railway" and "The Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem" combining together some of these films into differnt clips. The scenes are filmed in Jaffa, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Beirut, Damascus, and Constantinople.

The scene "Leaving Jerusalem by Railway" contains what is possibly the first depiction of camera movement in the history of film.

There is a colored and upscaled version on Youtube of "Palestine 1896", sadly made from very bad source material.

22 parts
After his departure from Egypt, Alexandre Promio continued his journey to Palestine and joined Europe through Constantinople.
Arrival of a train (Arrivée d'un train)
Jaffa. The train enters the station, then the crowd invades the platform and the travelers begin to get off the train.
Market 1 (Marché, I)
Jaffa. Animation of the market: men and children stroll in the street.
Market 2 (Marché, II)
Jaffa. In the midst of the bustle of the market, a man is loading a camel.
Market 3 (Marché, III)
Jaffa. Pedestrian and camel movement in the market.
Disembarking from a boat (Débarquement d’une barque)
Jaffa. From the platform, two heavily laden porters climb the stairs.

Title from the list of negatives deposited at the French Cinémathèque in 1946.
Panorama by rail (Panorama en chemin de fer)
Jaffa - Jerusalem. Panorama of a dry and rocky landscape; the train passes quickly in front of a station.
Panorama by rail (hills) (Panorama en chemin de fer(collines))
Jaffa - Jerusalem. Panorama of arid and deserted hills.
Jaffa Gate: east side (Porte de Jaffa : côté est)
Jerusalem. Pedestrian traffic on a street.
Jaffa Gate: west side (Porte de Jaffa : côté ouest)
Jerusalem. Pedestrian traffic on a street.
The Holy Sepulcher (Le Saint-Sépulcre)
Jerusalem. Circulation of passers-by and pilgrims entering and leaving the Holy Sepulcher.
Via Dolorosa (La Voie douloureuse)
Jerusalem. Heavy traffic of passers-by in a street.
Via Dolorosa and entrance to the Holy Sepulcher (La Voie douloureuse et entrée du Saint-Sépulcre)
Jerusalem. Movement of people entering and leaving by the small door of the Holy Sepulcher.
A street (Une rue)
Jerusalem. Circulation of passers-by strolling in front of the street stalls.
Camel caravan (Caravane de chameaux)
Jerusalem. Passage of a camel caravan.
Departure from Jerusalem by train (panorama) (Départ de Jérusalem en chemin de fer (panorama))
Jerusalem. Panorama of the crowd gathered on the quay salute.
One seat (Une place)
Bethlehem. A group of children rush to pick up coins that a man throws on the ground.
Place des Canons (Place des Canons)
Beirut. Pedestrian and car traffic on the square.
Souk-Abu-el-Nassahr (Souk-Abou-el-Nassahr)
Beirut. Circulation in a market.
One place (Une place)
Damascus. Pedestrian traffic in the square.
Souk-el-Fakhra (Souk-el-Fakhra)
Damascus. Movement of passers-by and porters in front of the shops of a bazaar.
Panorama of the Golden Horn (Panorama de la Corne d’Or)
Constantinople. Panorama of the dwellings on the European shore and the ships in the port.
Panorama of the shores of the Bosphorus (Panorama des rives du Bosphore)
Constantinople. Panorama of different boats parading along the European shore.
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Alexandre Promio - Cinematography
Louis Lumière - Producer
Auguste Lumiere - Producer
Auguste Lumiere - Director
Alexandre Promio - Director
Snapshot of Jerusalem at the time

I must say, after seeing what is available of this, it is a very valuable look into Jerusalem at the time - to see the three religions side by side before Israel was a state. For me, it looks very friendly, busy and gives the feels of a time now a bit lost to the western eye. It does give a bit of hope for there being times like these again. Kudos to Lumiere for sending Alexandre Promio to the Holy Land and recording a piece of history.