Movie 11min

St. Paul and the Centurion (1910)

Original title: Saint Paul et le centurion
Not rated.

Country France
Language French
(Original) Saint Paul et le centurion
1. Century Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Black and White Drama Early Christians Emperor Nero Prayer Religious Persecution Roman Empire Short Silent Film Slavery St. Paul the Apostle

Metella, daughter of the Centurion Vicinius, loves one of her lather's slaves, Caius by name. This youth is a Christian and in the habit of frequently visiting the meetings held by them in the hills outside the city walls. Paul has gathered about him a small body of the faithful and preaches to them often in this secluded part of the forest. Metella, encouraged by her natural curiosity as to her sweetheart's secret excursions, one day follows him and learns her first lessons in Christianity. She leaves her hiding place and hastens to her father's palace where she finds Vicinius, her stern parent, in great rage because Caius is absent from his task. Vicinius now orders the slaves to take Caius to a nearby woods and there flog him. After the cruel chastisement Caius is left lying alone in the forest where soon after Metella finds him. She assists her sweetheart to the camp of his friends where she is so impressed by their lives that she accepts the belief and is baptized. When Caius has sufficiently recovered from his punishment he returns to his master and dutifully takes up his work in the household. Soon Vicinius, the Centurion, receives orders from Nero to arrest all the Christians who have been meeting in the hills outside the city. The soldiers are now called together and move upon the Apostle and his little band of followers. Although warned in due season, Paul refuses to flee, but engages in prayer while awaiting the arrival of Vicinius and his soldiers. Caius and Metella join their Christian friends, fully expecting to be imprisoned with them. When the attack is made upon the unarmed worshipers they are astounded to see the soldiers stop with their weapons suspended while they listen to the divine words. Gradually the swords and spears are lowered and the entire company with their leader drop to their knees.

Source: Moving Picture World

8 Scenes
The Centurion's Palace
A meeting of the Christians
The Woods near the City
A Roadway in the Forest
On the Banks of a Stream
Orders Arrive from Nero
On the Plains by the Sea
The Hillside Meeting of the Christians
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