Movie 11min

The Life of St. Paul (1910)

Original title: San Paolo (Dramma Biblico)
Not rated.

Directors Rodolfo Kanzler , Giuseppe de Liguoro
Country Italy
Language Italian
(Original) San Paolo (Dramma Biblico)
(Alternative) The Life of Saint Paul
(Short) St. Paul
(Short) San Paolo
1. Century Ancient Rome Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Black and White Catacomb Drama Emperor Nero Martyrdom Religious Conversion Religious Persecution Rome Short Silent Film Slavery St. Paul the Apostle St. Stephen

The film tells the life of Saul, a merchant of Tarsus, who became Saint Paul, the first great missionary of Jesus.

Shortly after getting Saint Stephen arrested and stoned(in the Italian version, this was Saint James), while he is going towards Damascus with the intention of persecuting the believers of Christ, who have gathered there, during a storm he hears the voice of Jesus crying: "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?", and that makes him fall from his horse, while a flash of lightning suddenly takes away his sight. Having converted and cured of blindness, with the new name of Paul he goes to Rome, and on the Via Appia, he enters the catacombs, where a slave of the emperor and a soldier, newly converted to Christianity, are baptized. During the burning of Rome, Paul is arrested. In the arena, Nero inspects the Christians destined to be killed hanging like human torches on crosses. Paul is brought out of the dungeon where he was locked up because the Romans fear that he will bring the wrath of the Christian God upon them. Shortly after he is killed. Christians bring flowers and palm trees to his grave at the edge of the road.

The movie contains two parts, one before and one after the conversion of Paul.

Part One: Paul, the persecutor of Christians
Original: "Paolo Persecutore dei Cristiani"

Paul the merchant in Tarsus learns of the meeting of the Christions.
Original: "Paolo mercante in Tarso apprende la riunione dei cristioni."
Paul in the pine forest goes to the refuge of Christians.
Original: "Paolo nella pineta si reca al rifugio dei cristiani."
Paul surprises James the younger and has him dragged by the people to be stoned.
Original: "Paolo sorprende Giacomo il minore e lo fa trascinare dal popolo alla lapidazione."
Paul leaves Tarsus with some companions to go to Damascus.
Original: "Paolo lascia Tarso con alcuni compagni per recarsi a Damasco."
On the road to Damascus.
Original: "Sulla via di Damasco."
The voice of God.
Original: "La voce di Dio."
Paul struck by lightning becomes blind.
Original: "Paolo colpito dalla folgore diventa cieco."
Original: "La conversione."
Paul regains his sight and becomes a Christian.
Original: "Paolo riacquista la vista e si fa cristiano."
Part Two: Paul, the Apostle
Original: "Paolo Apostolo", released in France as "La Légende de Saint Paul"(The Legend of Saint Paul)
On the Appian Way: Paul enters the Christian catacombs.
Original: "Sulla via Appia: Paolo entra nelle catacombe cristiane."
The conversion of Nero's slave.
Original: "La conversione della schiava di Nerone."
The fire of Rome and the arrest of Paul.
Original: "L'incendio di Roma e l'arresto di Paolo."
The torches of Nero.
Original: "Le fiaccole di Nerone."
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Giuseppe de Liguoro - St. Paul
Rodolfo Kanzler - Director
Giuseppe de Liguoro - Director
Adolfo Padovan - Writer
Sandro Properzi - Production Design (Set Decoration)
Luca Comerio - Cinematography