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The Judgment Of Solomon (1904)

Original title: Le Jugement de Salomon
The charming episode of the mothers claiming the child and Solomon's wise judgment.
Not rated.

Country France
Language French
(Alternative) Solomon's Judgement
(Original) Le Jugement de Salomon
(Country Spesific) El Juicio de Salomon
(USA, 1905) S. Lubin
(France, 1904) Pathé Frères
(USA, 1904) Pathé Frères
(US Import) Pathé Frères
Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Black and White Death of Child Drama Judge Judgement King Lost Film Old Testament Short Silent Film Solomon Wisdom Women

Two mothers, each with their infant clasped in their arms are seen asleep under a cedar tree in Palestine. One suddenly awakes to find her little one dead, she is horror stricken, when suddenly, an idea comes to her which she at once proceeds to carry out, she takes the living babe from the still sleeping mother, and replaces it with her own dead one. The second mother now awakens to find the dead baby in her arms and at once sees it is not her child, a dispute ensues when a patriarch appears on the scene and parting the two women takes them before his master. In one of the sumptuous rooms of the King's palace, the people are assembled. King Solomon is carried in by his slaves preceded by his guard and beautiful dancing girls who scatter flowers in his path. He takes a seat upon the throne and the two mothers are brought before him, each claiming the living child as hers. Solomon, filled with divine justice, orders the child to be cut in two and half to be given to each mother, but as the soldier holds up the child by its leg ready to obey the order given, the real mother begs that rather than kill the child it be given to the other woman. "This is the true mother, give her the child," said Solomon. The other mother is carried away by the soldiers.

Source: Pathé Freres

2 tableaux
The Two Mothers (Les deux mères.)
In a clear setting representing a corner of Palestine, two women sleep in the shade of a large cedar, each holding her child in her arms. One of them when she wakes up finds her son dead. Distraught, she considers the little corpse; a criminal idea germinates in her brain: she seizes her partner's child and replaces it with her own. Coming out of her torpor, the second woman sees her son in the arms of her neighbor. The two mothers argue, shout at each other until a patriarch, attracted by the cries, intervenes. King Solomon's soldiers run up and seize the two women and lead them to their master.
The Judgement (Le Jugement.)
The great king takes his place on his throne and dismissing his slaves brings forward the two mothers, guarded by soldiers to be judged. Each of the two women claims the child, the cause of their quarrel. Solomon, filled with divine justice, orders the child to be cut in two and to give one half to each of these two women. But when the soldier draws his sword to carry out the order, the real mother, moved with tenderness, cries out: "Lord, I beg you, give him the child, do not kill him." "Here is the mother, answers Solomon, give her back her son". The female criminal is trained by the soldiers.
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