Movie 9min

David and Goliath (1908)

David's fight against Goliath.
Not rated.

Director Sidney Olcott
Country United States
Language English
Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Black and White David, King of Israel Drama Duel Historical Drama King King Saul Lost Film Old Testament Rulers Sheep Shepherd Short Silent Film

Split reel with "Jerusalem in the time of Christ"[1]

5 Scenes
David Anointed by Samuel
Here we have David, the shepherd boy, tending his sheep, all unmindful of the high honors which await him. But God has sent Samuel, Judge of the Israelites, to seek out David, and anoint him King. So Samuel finds him, surrounded by his flocks, and does God's bidding. "And the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward." David does not become King at once, but returns to his flocks and tends them for some time longer.
David Learns of the Slaughter of His Flock
The shepherds have gathered around the Sweet Singer, entranced by his music. Others from afar have heard the sound of his voice, and draw near, listening reverentially to the psalms he sings. Now into their midst bursts a neighboring tender of flocks, pale and trembling, and in terror-stricken voice tells of the bear which is slaughtering David's lambs. Fearless, David springs to his feet to go and rescue them. But first he kneels, and asks protection of his Father; then, despite the protests of his companions, he departs. Fearfully the shepherds gaze after him, admiring his bravery, and praying for his safe return.
David Enters the Bear's Den
This rocky cave is the lair of the bear which has been terrorizing the shepherds for miles around. About it are strewn the carcasses of its victims. Now our shepherd boy approaches and boldly enters the cave. In terror his companions await his return, if return he does. The seconds pass; they hear the sound of the conflict within, and raise their hands in prayer that he may conquer. The prayers are heeded; with joyful cries they greet him as he emerges the victor, the little kid in his arms.
David and Goliath
The Israelites and the Philistines have been at war. On the ground are strewn the dead and dying of the last battle. And to this battlefield comes David, searching if any of his brothers are among the slain. Not finding them, he is about to depart, when the giant, Goliath, who each day challenges the Israelites to meet him in single combat, steps out with his accustomed bravado. Not one among the vast army dares meet him, but David, knowing no fear, and knowing the Lord is with him, comes forward and accepts. Goliath laughs an angry laugh, that such as this dare take up his offer. Far back of him, David sees his country's army, not one of whom but believes him to be a foolhardy boy. But this does not shake David's confidence in himself. He will not fight with swords, clad in an armor of mail, but goes for the only weapons he knows how to use. To the brookside he comes, and selects five smooth round stones, and, armed only with these and his faithful sling shot, he returns to meet his enemy. With a derisive laugh Goliath turns to him, but David's sling flies out, and, pierced through the forehead, the giant falls, while David seizes his sword and severs the great hairy head from the body.
David Chosen of Saul
Saul, the present King of Israel, has sent for David, that he may hear his songs, and bestow upon him his favors. Here we have the court eagerly awaiting his coming. But in spite of his honors, David is still the simple little shepherd boy, and sings his songs as sweetly and sincerely as he did in the field with only his flocks to hear. As he kneels before the King, Saul places about his neck a golden chain, adopting him into his own household. And now David sings a song of praise to his Father who has bestowed upon him such blessings, and who eventually will raise him to the throne where now Saul is seated, making him ruler over Israel.
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Tom Santley - David
Sidney Olcott - Director
Sidney Olcott - Writer