Movies containing king

Category group: Keyword
Child categories: Belshazzar, Louis XV, Charles IX, King Balthazar, King Cyrus
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
David and Goliath 1908 9min Sidney Olcott United States English NR
David and Goliath 1910 11min Henri Andréani France French 7
Inauguration of Ribe Cathedral 1904 1min Peter Elfelt Denmark Danish 5
Judgment Of Solomon, The 1904 2min France French NR
Judgment Of Solomon, The 1909 6min J. Stuart Blackton United States English 8
La Favorite 1907 8min France French NR
Laying The Foundation Stone Of Gustav Adolf's Church 1908 6min Denmark Danish 8
Les événements portugais 1910 2min France French NR
Saul and David 1909 10min J. Stuart Blackton United States English NR
Seven Capital Sins 1910 32min Louis Feuillade France French 10
St. Bartholomew's Day 1905 3min Lucien Nonguet France French NR