Movie 1h 40min

The Life Of Our Saviour; Or, The Passion Play (1913 - 1914)

Original title: La vie de Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ
Not rated.

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Director Maurice Maître
Country France
Language French
(Original) La vie de Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ
(Short) La Passion
(Country Spesific) The Son of Man
(Country Spesific) The Messiah
(Country Spesific) The Life of Our Savior
(Country Spesific) Behold the Man
(USA, 1914) Eclectic Film Company
(US Import) Pathé Frères
Baptism of Jesus Based on the Bible Birth of Jesus Black and White Boy Jesus in Temple Cleansing of the Temple Death of Jesus Entry into Jerusalem Flight to Egypt Herod Kills the Children Jesus' Ascension Jesus Christ Jesus Healing Jesus in Gethsemane Jesus Life Jesus Miracles Jesus Mocked and Flogged Peter's Denial Pontius Pilatus Samaritan Woman Shepherds in the Field Silent Film St. Joseph St. Mary St. Mary Magdalena St. Peter St. Veronica The Betrayal by Judas The Burial of Jesus The Crucifixion The Last Supper The Nativity The Passion The Raising of Lazarus The Resurrection The Road to Golgotha The Transfiguration The Trial Before Pilate The Wise Men Wedding at Cana

This is the fourth and final remake of "The Life And Passion of Jesus Christ" by Pathé Freres. One of the new things introduced is some scenes filmed on location, although most seem to be filmed in a studio. The clips online of this movie is of bad quality as it seems to be the 9.5mm version released in 1923 as Pathé Babys for home cinema. It was, however, released in a colored version in 1923 under the title "Son of Man" which later was released on DVD. In a time where longer multi-reel features became more and more popular, this movie ran for a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes, and the previous 31 scenes were expanded to 42 (although there were only 32 Pathé Babys) or even more according to some sources.

Birth of jesus (Naissance de Jésus)
The Fountain of Nazareth (La Fontaine de Nazareth)
The Annunciation (L’Annonciation)
Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem (Marie et Joseph à Bethléem)
Mary and Joseph Find Refuge in a Stable (Marie et Joseph trouvent un refuge dans une étable)
The Mysterious Star (L’Étoile mystérieuse)
The March to the Star (La Marche à l’Étoile)
The Birth of Jesus (La Naissance de Jésus)
The Adoration of the Magi (L’Adoration des Mages)
The Childhood of Jesus (L'Enfance de Jésus)
The Massacre of the Innocents (Le Massacre des Innocents)
The Angel's Warning (L’Avertissement de l’Ange)
The Flight into Egypt (La Fuite en Égypte)
An Archangel protects the flight of Mary and Joseph (Un Archange protège la fuite de Marie et Joseph)
Rest at the fountain (Le Repos à la fontaine)
Arrival in Egypt (L’Arrivée en Égypte)
The Holy Family in Nazareth (La Sainte Famille à Nazareth)
Jesus among the doctors (Jésus parmi les docteurs)
Public life and miracles (Vie publique et miracles)
Baptism of Jesus (Baptême de Jésus)
The Wedding at Cana (Les Noces de Cana)
Marie-Magdeleine at the feet of Jesus - Jesus and the Samaritan woman (Marie-Magdeleine aux pieds de Jésus - Jésus et la Samaritaine)
Jesus heals the blind and the paralytic (Jésus guérit l’aveugle et le paralytique)
Resurrection of the daughter of Jairus (Résurrection de la fille de Jaïre)
Resurrection of Lazarus (Résurrection de Lazare)
The Transfiguration (La Transfiguration)
Passion and death of Jesus (Passion et mort de Jésus)
Entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (L’Entrée à Jérusalem le jour des Rameaux)
Jesus drives the vendors out of the Temple (Jésus chasse les vendeurs du Temple)
The Lord's Supper (La Cène)
Jesus on the Mount of Olives (Jésus au Mont des Oliviers)
The Kiss of Judas (Le Baiser de Judas)
Peter denies the Lord (Pierre renie le Seigneur)
Jesus before Pilate (Jésus devant Pilate)
The Flagellation (La Flagellation)
The Crown of Thorns (LeCouronnement d’épines)
Jesus is presented to the people (Jésus est présenté au peuple)
Jesus falls under the weight of his cross (Jésus tombe sous le poids de sa Croix)
Miracle of Saint Veronica (Miracle de Sainte Véronique)
The Calvary (Le Calvaire)
The Crucifixion (La Mise en Croix)
Agony and death of Jesus (Agonie et mort de Jésus)
The Descent from the Cross (La Descente de Croix)
The Entombment (La Mise au tombeau)
The Ressurection (Réssurection)
Ascension (L’Ascension)
The King of Kings. (Le Roi des Rois.)
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Gabriel Moreau - Joseph
Gina Moreau - Mary
Jacques Normand - Jesus Christ
Jean Jacquinet - Judas
Gabriel Briand - Christ as a Child
Maurice Maître - Director