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Judith and Holopherne (1908)

Original title: Giuditta e Oloferne
Apocryphal story of Judith who saves the Israelites by seducing and beheading the Assyrian leader Holofernes.
Not rated.

Director Mario Caserini
Country Italy
Language Italian
(Original) Giuditta e Oloferne
(Country Spesific) Judithund Holofernes
Angels Apocrypha Based on the Bible Beheading Biblical Drama Book of Judith Drama Judaism Judith Old Testament War

The Israelites, besieged in Bethulia, bemoan their fate. In Judith's palace, an angel appears and instructs her to help. Judith is led into the tent of the Assyrian leader Holophernes. He, much taken, orders everyone out including his protesting concubine. Judith is reluctant but, after the reappearance of the angle, submits to his embrace. Holophernes feats with his concubine and court. Judith enters and feigns pleasure. He leads her to bed, but falls drunkenly asleep. The angel urges the reluctant Judith to kill him. Judith returns to the Israelites and shows them his head.

Source: Ancient World in Silent Cinema

Judith, to save the city of Betulia besieged by Holofernes, goes among the enemies, enters the tent where the general fell asleep after an orgy, and cuts off his head, which then shows triumphantly to the people of Israel. The well-known biblical fact is reconstructed in this film with admirable art.

Source: Catalogo delle films al 1° gennaio 1911, Roma, Cines, 1911

To those lovers of the classics; of the literature and history of an age when the World Power centered in someone tribe, when the cycle of human events turned upon the whim of a single individual; of a period whence come those traditions which quicken the glory, courage and power of modern man, in whatsoever walk of life - this film is a tribute.

Source: Moving Picture World

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