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Athaliah (1910)

Original title: Athalie
Not rated.

Directors Michel Carré , Albert Capellani
Country France
Language French
(Original) Athalie
(Country Spesific) Athallah
(Alternative) Athalia, Queen of Juda
(Alternative) Athaliah, Queen of Judah
(USA, 1911) General Film Company
(Société cinématographique des auteurs et gens de lettres) Pathé Frères
(US Import) Pathé Frères
Based on Play Based on the Bible Bible Movie Biblical Drama Black and White Drama Jew Judaism Murder Old Testament Queen Rulers Short Silent Film

After having murdered forty-two of her household, Athallah has at last seated herself securely (as she thinks) upon the throne of Judea. The film story opens with Athallah attempting to resist the appeals of the priests of Baal to take the temple. Her subjects are tired of her cruelty and tyranny and this feeling of unrest is spread to her army, and one of her captains, Abner, though still in the service of Athallah, is secretly on the side of the High Priest. One prince of the house of Ahab escaped Athallah's slaughter, however, and this little Joash has been raised in the House of the Lord by the High Priest Jehoiadeth. One night Athallah is frightfully haunted by the spirits of her victims, and in a paroxysm of terror she imagines she sees the figure of little Joash with a naked sword in his hand, and the picture is so realistic that she gives the final orders for the attack on the temple. Abner refuses to lead her troops, so the cruel queen takes the field herself and, followed by her army, advances upon Jerusalem. Arriving at the temple she is invited to enter by the High Priest, and this she does unaccompanied. When within the sacred portals she sees the child she has reason to dread seated on a little throne surrounded by the faithful. In rage and hatred Athallah attempts the life of Joash, but is suddenly surrounded by the soldiers of the new king. Athallah would have been killed on the spot, but "Jeboiadeth the High Priest hath said, 'Thou shalt not kill in the House of the Lord.'" So the unhappy queen is allowed to make her escape, but once without the temple she is pierced by a hundred spears. Twelve heralds, with gleaming trumpets, proclaim the new king, who is brought forth by the High Priest and held up for the admiration of his subjects.

Source: Moving Picture World

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Philippe Garnier -
René Hervil -
Édouard de Max - High Priest Joad
Géo Flandre -
Martin Meunier -
Jeanne Delvair - Athalie
Georges Desmoulins -
Georges Paulais -
Lucy Fleury -
Lola Noyr -
Renée Pré - Young King Joas
Jean Racine - Writer (Play)
Michel Carré - Writer (Adaptation)
Michel Carré - Director
Albert Capellani - Director
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