Movies about judaism

Category group: Religion
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Child categories: Orthodox Jew
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Arabian Jewish Dance 1903 1min Syria, United States English NR
Athaliah 1910 15min Michel Carré, Albert Capellani France French NR
Exodus, The 1910 22min Louis Feuillade France French 7
In the Heart of the Jewish Quarters 1903 1min Lithuania, United States English NR
Jephthah's Daughter; A Biblical Tragedy 1909 6min United States English NR
Jerusalem 1907 4min Léo Lefebvre France French NR
Judith and Holopherne 1908 6min Mario Caserini Italy Italian NR
Life of Moses, The 1909 50min J. Stuart Blackton, Charles Kent United States English NR
New York City 'Ghetto' Fish Market 1903 3min Edwin S. Porter United States English 6
Palestine 1896 1897 18min Auguste Lumiere, Alexandre Promio France, Israel, Palestine French 7
Story of Esther, The 1910 19min Louis Feuillade France French 9
Vow; Or, Jephthah's Daughter, The 1910 9min Léonce Perret, Louis Feuillade France French 8
Yiddisher Boy, The 1909 3min Siegmund Lubin United States English NR