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Jephthah's Daughter; A Biblical Tragedy (1909)

Ada was the daughter of Jephthah, the ninth judge of the Israelites.
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Country United States
Language English
(Short) Jephthah's Daughter
(Alternative) Jephtha's Daughter
(Country Spesific) Jephthaht's Tochter
(Alternative) Jepthah’s Daughter, A Biblical Tragedy
(Alternative) Jefta's Daughter
Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Black and White Book of Judges Father-Daughter Relationship Historical Drama Human Sacrifice Jephthah's Daughter Judaism Mourning Old Testament Short Silent Film Tragedy

The Biblical story of Jephthah's vow. Jephthah takes leave of his wife and daughter before setting off with his troops to fight the Ammonites. On the eve of battle, he vows that he will sacrifice to Jehovah the first creature to greet him, should he return victorious. The Ammonites are defeated. On his return, Jephthah is dismayed when the first creature to greet him is his daughter. On learning of her fate, she begs for two months' grace. Together they break the news to Jephthah's wife. The daughter plays with her friends during the two months' grace. Finally she mounts the sacrificial altar, and her father raises his dagger. He subsequently sets fire to the pyre, and the flames engulf her corpse. Her spirit appears above the pyre.

Source: British Film Institute

A Biblical Tragedy
Descriptions from "The Film Index"
House of Jepthah.
His wife, daughter and maidens engaged in various household duties as Jepthah enters and tells that he is going to war. He despatches a messenger to gather together the tribes east of the Jordan to engage in battle with the Ammonites.
Departure for Battle.
Jepthah bids his wife and daughter a fond farewell and with his bodyguard marches away.
The Camp.
Outside his tent on the evening of the battle, Jepthah prays and makes his vow to the Lord: "If thou shalt without fail deliver the children of Ammon into mine hands, whatsoever first cometh out of my doors to greet me when I return shall surely be the Lord's, and I will offer it up as a burnt offering."
The Battlefield.
Jepthah conquers the Ammonites and leaves the field victorious.
The Triumphant March Home.
Approaching Home.
As Jepthah nears home he hears sounds of rejoicing and while listening, down the road to meet him comes his only daughter and her maid servants garlanded with flowers, dancing and playing on cymbal and sistrum. He strikes his breast in despair, remembering his vow, and embraces her.
Sitting by the wayside.
Jepthah sorrowfully tells of his vow, while the daughter, rising as a priestess, tells him that he must do as he has vowed to the Lord.
Despair and acquiescence on the part of the mother. The daughter asks for a two months’ leave of absence with her own companions.
The Garden.
The daughter and her companions playing at games. The time comes for their departure for home for the sacrifice. All but the daughter leave the garden weeping. She remains a while with her face uplifted in ecstatic prayer, then follows her companions.
The Sacrifice.
The maidens approach the sacrificial altar, the daughter following alone, then Jepthah, his wife and their servants.
The Bier.
The flames mount to heaven. All prostrate themselves weeping and praying. A vision of the daughter is seen through the smoke smiling and uplifting her hands toward heaven.
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Annette Kellerman - Jepthah's Daughter
Madison C. Peters - Writer
J. Stuart Blackton - Director (Supervision)