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Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Amann, The Great Impersonator 1899 1min William K.L. Dickson United Kingdom English NR
Arabian Jewish Dance 1903 1min Syria, United States English NR
Athaliah 1910 15min Michel Carré, Albert Capellani France French NR
Cohen and Coon 1900 1min J. Stuart Blackton United States English NR
Cohen At Coney Island 1909 7min George D. Baker United States English NR
Cohen's Advertising Scheme 1904 1min Edwin S. Porter United States English NR
Cohen's Dream Of Coney Island 1909 3min George D. Baker United States English NR
Cohen's Fire Sale 1907 13min Edwin S. Porter United States English 7
Dreyfus Affair, The 1899 13min Georges Méliès France French 7
Dreyfus Receiving His Sentence 1899 4min Frederick S. Armitage United States English NR
Dreyfus Trial Scenes 1899 4min Julius W. Orde France French NR
Hebrew Fugitive, The 1908 11min United States English NR
Jerusalem 1907 4min Léo Lefebvre France French NR
La Juive 1907 10min Alice Guy-Blaché France French NR
La Juive, en Allemand 1906 2min Alice Guy-Blaché France German NR
L’affaire Dreyfus 1898 Francis Doublier France French NR
L’affaire Dreyfus 1899 11min France French NR
Life of Moses, The 1909 50min J. Stuart Blackton, Charles Kent United States English NR
Moses Sells a Collar Button 1907 2min United States English NR
Mr. Mosenstein 1904 2min Alf Collins United Kingdom English NR
New York City 'Ghetto' Fish Market 1903 3min Edwin S. Porter United States English 6
Old Isaacs, the Pawnbroker 1908 10min Wallace McCutcheon United States English NR
Palestine 1896 1897 18min Auguste Lumiere, Alexandre Promio France, Israel, Palestine French 7
Palestine - Programme documentaire 1904 15min Mulsant Egypt, France, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine French 7
Romance of a Jewess 1908 13min D.W. Griffith United States English 6
Russian Anti-Semitic Atrocities 1904 2min France French 6
Story of Esther, The 1910 19min Louis Feuillade France French 9
Trial of Captain Dreyfus 1899 3min Frederick S. Armitage United States English NR
Trial of Captain Dreyfus at Rennes, France, The 1899 United States English NR
Wandering Jew, The 1904 3min Georges Méliès France French 8
Yiddisher Boy, The 1909 3min Siegmund Lubin United States English NR