Movies in war

Category group: Genre
Child categories: World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Cold War, Korean War, Pacific War, War on Terror, Trojan War, Boer War
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Attack on a Mission Station 1900 1min Sagar Mitchell, James Kenyon United Kingdom English 6
Boxers Sacking a Mission Station 1900 United Kingdom English NR
David and Goliath 1910 11min Henri Andréani France French 7
His Mother's Portrait; Or, The Soldier's Vision 1900 1min Lewin Fitzhamon United Kingdom English NR
Joan of Arc 1900 11min Georges Méliès France French 6
Joan of Arc 1909 16min Albert Capellani France French 7
Judith and Holopherne 1908 6min Mario Caserini Italy Italian NR
Life of Joan of Arc 1909 13min Mario Caserini Italy Italian NR
Moines et guerriers 1909 7min Julien Clément France French NR
Return of the Crusader, The 1908 6min Louis Feuillade France French NR
Sister Angelica 1909 7min Michel Carré France French NR