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Ruth (1912)

A widow refuses to wed a farmer until mother-in-law dies.
Not rated.

Based on the Bible Bible Bible Movie Biblical Drama Black and White Book of Ruth Drama Duty Lost Film Modern Adaption Old Testament Romance Ruth Sentimental Short Silent Film Widow

Ruth, a beautiful village girl, lives with her husband and his mother, Naomi. Though poor, the family are happy, and earn their living by gleaning and working in the fields. Ruth's husband dies, and on his death-bed commite his mother, Naomi, to her care. Ruth accepts the charge and has to work doubly hard to support herself and Naomi. The young farmer on whose land the family have always worked has several times noticed Ruth, and been struck with the girl’s beauty. He calls to see Naomi, and brings her a basket of good things, and, at the same time, finding her looking at several photographs of Ruth, asks to see them also, and slips one into his pocket when Naomi is not looking. A short time after, Ruth has a letter from a rich uncle, who has only just heard that she has been left a widow, asking her to come and make her home with him, and promising to leave her all his money if she will do so. But Ruth is true to her trust, and declines to accept the advantages which are offered her. One winter evening Ruth, returning home after a hard day’s work in the fields, finds Naomi lying back in her armchair, where the old lady has peacefully passed away, with her open Bible on her knees. Ruth is now left alone in the world, and she sits down to write a letter to her uncle, in which she says that she is now free to come to him, if he still wishes it, "as nobody wants me now." Just as she has finished the letter, the young farmer enters, and asks to see what she has been writing. She shows him the letter, and he, striking out the line, "Nobody wants me now," writes in its place, "I want you," and hands it back to her. Ruth gives a smiling consent, and, as she is folded in his loving arms, realises that there is someone in the world, after all, who wants her very much indeed.

Source: The Bioscope (August 22, 1912)

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