Movie 42min

Joseph's Trials in Egypt (1913)

Original title: Joseph, fils de Jacob
Joseph sold by his brothers, the wife of Potiphar, the court of the pharaoh, and the sons of Jacob in Egypt.
Not rated.

Director Henri Andréani
Country France
Language French
(Original) Joseph, fils de Jacob
(Alternative) Les épreuves de Joseph en Égypte
(USA, 1914) Eclectic Film Company
(France) Pathé Frères
(US Import) Pathé Frères
Ancient Egypt Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Black and White Book of Genesis Brother-Brother Relationship Drama Dreams Envy Jacob son of Isaac Joseph son of Jacob Lust Old Testament Pharaoh Prison Short Slavery Temptation

Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob, angered his brothers when he told them that in a dream he saw himself made ruler over them. They went to feed their flocks in Dothan, where Joseph found them. And when they saw him, they conspired against him and cast him into a pit. But Judah, seeing a caravan approaching, persuaded his brothers to sell him to the Ishmaelites, who took him down to Egypt. The brothers then returned to their father and showed him Joseph's coat, which they had dipped in blood. So Jacob was led to believe that his son was devoured by a wild beast. The Ishmaelites sold Joseph to Putiphar, an officer of Pharaoh's. Soon after, Putiphar's wife became enamored with Joseph and tempted him. But he resisted her approaches and fled, leaving his cloak in her grasp. Angered by his rebuff, she accused Joseph of a grave offense, showing his cloak which he had left behind. For this Joseph was cast into prison by Putiphar. It chanced that Pharaoh's chief butler was also in the dungeon. He told Joseph of a dream, which Joseph interpreted to the butler, saying that it meant that he would soon be restored to favor. This came true the third day and the butler was delivered from prison. It happened that Pharaoh was much disturbed by a dream which even the wise men of Egypt failed to interpret. Remembering Joseph, the butler told Pharaoh of his marvelous power. Joseph was sent for and so pleased the king by his explanations of the dream that he was made ruler over all the land of Egypt. When the famine was in the land of Canaan, Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to buy corn. Joseph chanced to see his brothers, but they did not recognize him. He accused them of being spies and cast them into prison. They protested their innocence, saying that they were sent by their father, who remained in Canaan with their youngest brother, Benjamin. Joseph sent them to fetch his brother, Benjamin, holding Simeon as hostage for their return. But when they came to their father, Jacob, he would not consent to their taking Benjamin away, saying that he feared he would not be returned again, as Joseph and Simeon were no longer with them. But they persuaded him and returned to Egypt with Benjamin. When Joseph saw his youngest brother, Benjamin, whom he loved, he was much pleased and ordered a feast to be prepared for his brothers. He then revealed himself to them, and forgave them for selling him into Egypt. Pharaoh heard of this and told Joseph to send his father and all his brothers and their households that they might dwell in the land. And when Jacob learned that Joseph was indeed living he was comforted and went down into Egypt with his sons. There he was met by Joseph, who was greatly pleased to he again restored to his father. And they lived long in the land of their adoption.

Source: Moving Picture World

His father’s affection for him, as well as reckless dreams, which seemed to promise him a glorious future, aroused the jealousy of his brothers against Joseph. Delivered by them to Israelite merchants, Joseph was later taken to Egypt and sold to Putiphar, steward of the royal house and head of the eunuchs. The latter’s wife slandered the young Israelite whom she had not been able to seduce, and forced her husband to throw him in prison. There he met the pharaoh’s song and baker to whom he foretold the future: happy for the former, unhappy for the latter. Returning to grace, the singer remembered his former captive companion and introduced him to the court. Joseph was then thirty years old. He calmed the pharaoh’s anxieties by showing him in two dreams that had terrified him, the announcement of seven years of abundance to be followed by seven years of infertility. The prince filled him with honors and entrusted him with the administration of all Egypt. Joseph’s predictions came true: he took advantage of the seven years of abundance to accumulate in the state’s attics huge supplies of wheat, which preserved the land from famine during the seven years of famine. Pressed by need, lacking wheat, Jacob’s sons go to Egypt, unaware that the Prime Minister is the brother they sold as a slave. The latter, moved, grants them a generous pardon. When they returned to Canaan, the sons of Jacob told their father the glory of Joseph and brought him back with them to Egypt, where Pharaoh had established him in the land of Gessen, with all his family.

Source: Pathe Freres - Translated

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Henri Andréani - Writer
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