Movie 12min

The Life And Passion of Jesus Christ (1897 - 1900)

Original title: Vie et Passion du Christ
Not rated.

Director Georges Hatot
Country France
Language French
(Original) Vie et Passion du Christ
Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Birth of Jesus Black and White Cleansing of the Temple Death of Jesus Drama Entry into Jerusalem Flight to Egypt Jesus Arrested Jesus Christ Jesus in Gethsemane Jesus Mocked and Flogged Passion Play Pontius Pilatus Shepherds in the Field Short Silent Film St. Joseph St. Mary The Betrayal by Judas The Burial of Jesus The Crucifixion The Last Supper The Nativity The Passion The Raising of Lazarus The Resurrection The Road to Golgotha The Trial Before Pilate

The first Passion Play films made by Pathé Frères filmed in a studio in Vincennes. Jesus is here played by Gaston Brettau, just like in the Lumiere film and the film is also directed by George Hatot as he went on to make the Passion movie for Pathé after finishing his two previous films(for Lumiere and for Gaumont). The series of films had 16 tableaux but was also sold in a series of 9. The total length was 335m.

This new Passion, which we present to our clients, is recommended by the historical truth, the local color, the richness of the costumes and the decorations, which have been applied in an absolute way. We are sure that these qualities will make her well received by all amateurs who seek art and truth in the films they procure. By acquiring this Passion, they will be certain to have in their possession a series unique in the world, and we can confirm to them, in advance and without any exaggeration, the most brilliant success. The Passion is sold in two series, one of 9 paintings and the other of 16. The subjects are the same for the two series, that is to say they are printed on the same negatives. These two series are made in Edison perforation or Lumière perforation.

Source: Translated from Catalog No. 4 of March 1902

16 Tableaux
The Birth of Christ (La Naissance)
Mary and Joseph stand with the Child God in the stable of Bethlehem. We see the shepherds come in joyfully with presents. The ox and the donkey are particularly lively.
The Flight into Egypt (La Fuite en Egypte)
The Holy Family arrives in front of the famous sphinx, between whose legs the Virgin finds shelter for herself and the Child. Joseph, after having lit a fire, lies down on the ground, but immediately a band of emissaries appears who wants to seize the Virgin and her Treasure. An Angel appears and the troop remains terrified.
Jesus Driving the Vendors out of the Temple (Jésus chassant les vendeurs du temple)
Between two prayers, the Jewish traders found a way to carry on their small business, even in the Holy Place. Jesus, irritated, comes to banish them with lashes, crying to them: "My house is that of prayer and you are making it a den of thieves!"
Resurrection of Lazarus (Résurrection de Lazare)
Lazare had been dead for three days. Jesus, at the request of Martha and Mary, had the corpse brought. Then, after praying, he said: "Lazarus, get up!". Then the corpse comes back to life and Lazarus comes back to life in the midst of his friends and the crowd amazed by such a miracle.
Entry into Jerusalem (Entrée à Jérusalem)
Jesus enters the holy city on a donkey. The enthusiastic crowd cheers her, shouting, "Hosanna! Glory to Him who comes in the name of the Lord!" Twigs and palms are waved, the road is covered with clothes and flowers, and Christ blesses the people.
The Lord's Supper (La Cène)
The apostles enter the Upper Room and take their places around the table; Jesus appears the last. It is then that the institution of the Eucharist takes place with these words: "Take and eat, this is my body; all drink, this is my blood." After this ceremony, Judas kisses the Master, which causes Jesus to say: "Verily, one of you must betray me!" Then all the apostles vigorously protest their fidelity, especially the traitor Judas.
The Agony of Jesus on the Mount of Olives (L'Agonie de Jésus au mont des oliviers)
After the Last Supper, Jesus went to the Garden of Olives, a place where he was accustomed to pray. His soul is troubled, for the terrible prospect of his Passion crosses his mind. He kneels down, slumps down, but an Angel appears to him. Jesus, strengthened by the heavenly messenger, regains courage and resigns himself to death.
Arrest of Jesus - Betrayal of Judas (Arrestation de Jésus - Trahison de Judas)
Jesus, surrounded by his disciples and the holy women, moves away from the place of agony. No sooner has he taken a few steps than a cohort commanded by an officer from Herod's palace arrives with a bang. Judas is among this malicious soldiery; it is he who shows them Christ with a kiss. Then the troop seizes the Innocent to the great agitation of the holy women and the apostles.
Jesus before Pilate (Jesus devant Pilate)
Jesus is brought before the princes of the priests. A discussion arose about it among many when the head of the Sanhedrin arrived. Judas is not long in showing himself also pursued by remorse. He throws the money away and says, "I delivered innocent blood!".
Flagellation and crowning of thorns (Flagellation et couronnement d’épines)
Pilate, finding no grounds for condemnation against Jesus, nevertheless Orders that he be punished as if to give the Jews some of the satisfaction they desired. Christ, stripped of his clothes, is tied to a column, abused horribly, then crowned with thorns and insulted by the soldiery, who mocks his kingship.
The Way of the Cross (Le Chemin de la Croix)
During his journey to Golgotha, Jesus is cruelly Abused. He falls under the weight of his heavy cross which Simon the Cyrenean helps him to carry; he consoles the Holy Women and climbs the bloody mountain in silence.
The Crucifixion (Le Crucifiement)
Christ is stripped of his clothes and tied to the cross with unheard-of cruelty. We see him twisting under the hammer pops that drive nails into his divine hands. The Holy Women and the virgin are shattered by pain and Magdalene throws herself at the feet of Jesus, whom she kisses with touching emotion.
Death on the Cross (La Mort sur la Croix)
Christ is lifted up on the cross among thieves, one of whom is abusive and the other compassionate. The soldier Longinus, instead of breaking the legs of Jesus, thrusts the tip of a spear into his side. At this spectacle, everyone is seized with fear and the soldiers themselves bow down and recognize his divinity.
The Descent from the Cross (La Descente de Croix)
The friends of Jesus got him to be buried. He is taken down from the cross with holy respect and his mother receives him in her arms.
Entombment (Mise au Tombeau)
Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Women escort Jesus to the tomb created in the rock. The scene takes place in the presence of vigilant guards who have a huge stone placed on the tomb. The Virgin and Magdalene remain prostrate in adoration.
The Resurrection (La Resurrection)
This miracle takes place at the first hour of the day. Jesus, faithful to his Promise, despite the stone, comes out of the tomb in glory, to the great astonishment of the guards. He rises in the air with two angels By his side and will show himself to Our Lady and her disciples.
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