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The Passion (1897)

Original title: La Passion
Not rated.

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Directors Albert Kirchner , Michel Coissac
Country France
Language French
(Original) La Passion
(Short) Passion Lear
(Alternative) Passion du Christ
(Working) Scene de la Passion
(Working) Scenes de la vie du Christ
(Country Spesific) Scenes from the Life of Christ
Based on the Bible Biblical Drama Birth of Jesus Black and White Death of Jesus Drama Entry into Jerusalem Jesus and the Children Jesus Christ Jesus in Gethsemane Jesus Miracles Pontius Pilatus Shepherds in the Field Short Silent Film St. Joseph St. Mary Teaching in the Temple The Betrayal by Judas The Crucifixion The Last Supper The Passion The Resurrection The Road to Golgotha The Trial Before Pilate

A twelve-scene version of the "Passion du Christ" made by Albert Kirchner, better known under the pseudonym Léar, together with the later film historian Michel Coissac for "Maison de la Bonne Presse"(later "La Bonne Presse"), a French Catholic publishing house. Some found the portrayal of Christ provocative. It was shot in Paris with wandering actors previously appeared in tableau vivant versions of the Passion, during easter holidays, which Léar wanted to film. It also consisted of scenes filmed while traveling through the Holy Land(filmed earlier, with the title "Scenes de la vie du Christ"). This is one of the first film versions of the Passion of Christ and it was widely shown. In February 1898 it was in the United States(New York) used as a part of an illustrated lecture by Revered Thomas Dixon(who wrote "The Clansman" that D.W. Griffith later based his "The Birth of a Nation" on) called "The Story of Jesus". Léar sold all his negatives to Gaumont in 1898. The film itself is lost.

12 Scenes
Some of the following events in the life of Jesus make up the same scene in the film, making them 12 in total. [1] Possibly addition or mix with Lears earlier footage called "Scenes de la vie du Christ"
Shepherds Watching Their Flocks
The Birth of Christ
Christ in the Synagogue
Christ Blessing Little Children
Restoring Life to the Widows Son
Entrance into Jerusalem
The Last Supper
Agony in the Garden
Betrayal by Judas
Christ before Pilate
The Condemnation of Christ
The Way to the Cross
The Crucifixion
Taking Jesus down from the Cross
The Resurrection
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Albert Kirchner - Director
Michel Coissac - Director
Frere Bazile - Writer
Albert Kirchner - Cinematography