Movie 5min

A Modern Samson (1908)

Original title: Samson moderne
Not rated.

Director Vincent Lorant-Heilbronn
Country France
Language French
(Original) Samson moderne
(Country Spesific) Een Moderne Samson
(Country Spesific) Ein moderner Samson
(France) Pathé Frères
(US Import) Pathé Frères
Based on the Bible Black and White Comedy Modern Adaption Samson and Delilah Short Silent Film Strength Wrestling

A juggler announces the spectacle of a wrestling match between the champion and all those who will volunteer. The show begins and the champion has already knocked down a number of opponents when suddenly a stranger comes forward and engages the fight. And it is with unparalleled ease that our man juggles the champion with one hand. Then he throws it down and walks away. He has other adventures along the way, such as in a café where he finds himself embroiled in a quarrel and for which the police chase him. They finally arrest him and ceremoniously put him in a cell. He first walks up and down and then suddenly putting his shoulder against a pillar, he makes the whole building collapse like Samson did in antiquity. He then flees from prison and returns home where his wife welcomes him and presents him with a feast. He drinks and drinks until he falls asleep and there the woman shows how jealous she is of his strength. And, indeed, like the Delilah of the Bible, she cuts his hair. When he wakes up, he finds himself without hair and… without strength!

Source: Pathe Freres - Translated

The opening scene is the ballyhoo platform of a circus wrestling show, where an immense throng is gathered, listening to the exhortations of the "barker." Finally the show opens, and the champion offers to meet all volunteers. In a few minutes he throws as many men, but suddenly a stranger steps forward and engages the wrestler. No sooner are they locked in a grip when the stranger, with ridiculous ease, begins to juggle the wrestler with one hand. When he has tossed his man to his entire satisfaction, he departs. Several other adventures follow, in the course of which he becomes mixed up in a brawl at a café and the police go after him. They get him and with little ceremony land him in a cell. He paces his prison floor a little while, but suddenly, putting his shoulder to a pillar, throws his strength into the task and the whole building collapses, as with Samson of old. He runs from the jail to his home, where his wife greets him and spreads a little feast for him. He drinks and drinks until be falls asleep, and here it is that she shows how jealous she is of her hubby's strength. Like the Delilah of the Bible, she applies the shears to his locks, and when he awakens he is completely shorn of his locks, and his strength, which depended on the length of his hair, is also gone. He does naught but lament his loss, kissing the detached hair fondly.

Source: Moving Picture World

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