Samson And Delilah (1911)

Not rated.

Based on the Bible Bible Biblical Drama Book of Judges Deception Drama Lost Film Old Testament Romance Samson and Delilah Short Silent Film Strength Suicide

PRODUCED in a Southern clime, this KINEMACOLOR reproduction of a familiar Biblical story is wonderfully beautiful and essentially Eastern in atmosphere. The costumes are remarkably well selected and the coloring of every scene superb.

Source: Kinemacolor Film Catalogue 1912-1913

Synopsis - 6 scenes.
Samson Slays the Philistines.
In the opening scene, full of rich color, Samson is seen attacking a party of Philistines, and with the traditional jawbone of an ass quelling their resistance.
Samson Fascinated by Delilah.
A beautiful scene opens this section. Delilah is standing by a fountain with one of her maid-servants and the shimmer of her beautiful dress is perfectly reproduced. The grouping of the scene is very artistic. The two women leave the fountain and wander through groves of palms to Delilah's house. Samson encounters them and is immediately fascinated by De1ilah's beauty. The Philistines watch this meeting from a distance.
Samson's Parents Reject Delilah.
Samson introduces Delilah to his parents who will have nothing to do with her.
The Philistines Plot
with Delilah to find out the secret of Samson's strength. Ultimately, after much persuasion and when partially intoxicated, Samson tells Delilah the truth. Taking advantage of his unconscious position Delilah cuts off his flowing locks. The Philistines then come and awaken him and Samson strikes out expecting to overcome them easily.
Samson Defeated.
The Philistines easily overpower him, however. They bind him, put his eyes out and lead him into captivity.
In the Heathen Temple.
On the day of a great festival Samson is brought into the Temple of the Philistines to make sport for the people. He asks to be placed between two pillars and when there he prays for strength. This is given him; he exerts his old vigour, breaks down the pillars and brings down the temple in ruins, dying triumphant, having slain more of his enemies at death than in the whole of his lifetime.
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Theo Frenkel - Samson
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