Writer, Author 17 movies

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Title Year Length Role Rating
Faust 1905 45min Play NR
Faust 1904 16min Play 8
Faust and Marguerite 1904 15min Play 8
Damnation of Faust, The 1903 6min Play 6
Faust and Marguerite 1900 1min 5
Damnation of Faust 1898 Play NR
Devil's Laboratory, The 1897 3min Play NR
Faust: Apparition de Méphistophélès 1897 1min Play 4
Faust and Marguerite 1897 5min Play NR
Title Year Length Role Rating
Faust 1910 18min Play 7
Beautiful Margaret, The 1910 6min Play 5
Mephisto And The Maiden 1909 10min Play NR
Miss Faust 1909 7min Play NR
Faust 1907 1h 6min Play NR
Serenade from Faust 1906 Play NR
Faust and Mephistopheles 1898 2min Play NR
Satan's Jokes 1897 1min NR