Movies about martyrdom

Category group: Subject
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
A Missionary Martyred at Pao-Ting-Fou Intervention of the Allied Troops 1901 1min Ferdinand Zecca France French NR
Christian Martyrs 1905 7min Lucien Nonguet France French 7
From Love to Martyrdom 1910 12min Italy Italian NR
Giordono Bruno 1908 9min Giovanni Pastrone Italy Italian NR
Humanity Through The Ages 1908 16min Georges Méliès France French NR
Jeanne d'Arc 1903 Jacques de Fouchécour France French NR
Jeanne d'Arc 1909 Honoré Le Sablais France French NR
Joan Of Arc 1895 1min Alfred Clark United States English NR
Joan of Arc 1900 11min Georges Méliès France French 6
Joan of Arc 1909 16min Albert Capellani France French 7
Justinian's Human Torches 1907 3min France French 6
Life of Joan of Arc 1909 13min Mario Caserini Italy Italian NR
Life of St. Paul, The 1910 11min Rodolfo Kanzler, Giuseppe de Liguoro Italy Italian NR
Martyrs of the Inquisition 1905 7min Lucien Nonguet France French NR
Nero And The Burning Of Rome 1908 11min Edwin S. Porter United States English NR
Santa Theodula 1908 Adolfo Croce Italy Italian NR
Sign Of The Cross, The 1904 10min William Haggar United Kingdom English NR
Soldiers Of The Cross 1900 13min Herbert Booth, Joseph Perry Australia English NR
Way of the Cross, The 1909 11min J. Stuart Blackton United States English NR