Movies about punishment

Category group: Theme
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Christmas 1906 5min Gaston Velle Italy Italian NR
Genii Of Fire, The 1908 5min Georges Méliès France French 7
Humanity Through The Ages 1908 16min Georges Méliès France French NR
Jolly Monks Of Malabar, The 1905 7min United States English NR
Miss Faust 1909 7min Camille de Morlhon France French NR
Modern Prodigal, The 1910 13min D.W. Griffith United States English 8
Noël des six Petits Riches et des six Petits Pauvres 1910 5min NR
Oracle of Delphi, The 1903 2min Georges Méliès France French 5
Power Of Prayer, The 1913 29min United States English NR
Seven Capital Sins 1910 32min Louis Feuillade France French 10