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The Life Of Moses (1905)

Original title: La Vie de Moїse

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Country France
Language French
(Country Spesific) Life Of Moses
(Country Spesific) La Vida Moisés
(Original) La Vie de Moїse
(Country Spesific) Moses and the Exodus from Egypt
(France) Pathé Frères
(USA) S. Lubin
(US Import) Pathé Frères
Angels Bible Movie Biblical Drama Black and White Burning Bush Drama Idolatry Manna Moses Old Testament Short Silent Film The Exodus The Ten Commandments

This very beautiful film shows us the whole life of Moses, from his very infancy to the moment when he delivers the Ten Commandments to his people. The story of Moses is too well known to be repeated and we assure our customers that this film is the truest reproduction possible, its photography being superb. We feel convinced that this subject will soon reach the same high standards as our world-known "Life and Passion of Christ."

Source: Lubin Catalog

6 Scenes
Scene description translated from French from Pathe Freres. [1]
Moses Drawn Out of the Water. (Moïse sauvé des eaux)
The Pharaoh's daughter has just come out of the bath, her servants crowd around her. Suddenly, the young princess sees, sailing over the clear water, a light cradle in which sleeps, peacefully, a beautiful child. The servants go down the rocky bank and bring to their mistress, the baby who wakes up and stretches out her little arms. The daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt has just saved an Israelite child, doomed to death by the monarch who orders that all male children of the race be thrown into the water. This child was Moses.
The Burning Bush. (Le Buisson ardent)
Raised in the court of the Pharaoh, Moses did not forget the people from which he came, always oppressed by the Egyptians. One day, while leading the cattle in the Sinai desert, Moses heard a voice coming from a bush. Having approached the burning plants, which the flames did not consume, the Angel of the Lord ordered him to lead the Israelites from Egypt to Palestine. Now, as Moses objected that his brothers would not obey him, the angel worked two wonders to show him that he would triumph by miracles. And Moses' hand suddenly numb and icy, then supple again, his wand suddenly changed into a serpent showed him the omnipotence of the Lord's will.
Passing Through the Red Sea. (Le Passage de la Mer Rouge)
Moses, having obtained from Pharaoh the freedom of the enslaved Israelites, led them by night, guided by a pillar of fire, to camp on the shores of the Red Sea. But the Pharaoh having repented of having let the Hebrews go, launches his soldiers in pursuit. These were going to reach them, for the terrified Israelites dared not swim across the sea. Then Moses performs a miracle. Having prayed to the Lord, he extended his wand over the waters which rose up into two high liquid walls between which the Hebrews passed on dry ground. Almost immediately, the first Egyptians having followed them, Moses ordered the waves to join and thus were engulfed the soldiers of the Pharaoh with their mounts under the crashing waves.
The Hebrews In the Wilderness. (Les Hébreux au désert)
From the shores of the Red Sea, Moses led his people to Mount Horeb. The provisions had run out and hunger was felt. In front of the supplications of his sons, God made fall on the earth a thick layer of small seeds like sandstone. It was heavenly manna. The Hebrews lived on it until they entered the promised land. Then, when his disciples were thirsty, Moses struck the rocks of Horeb with his rod, and there sprang an abundant spring where the exiles came to quench their thirst.
Upon Mount Sinai. (Sur le Mont Sinaï)
In the third month after their exodus from Egypt, the Israelites came to camp in the Sinai desert. It was there that Moses ascended the mountain of the Lord amidst the crash of lightning, amidst the bursts of heavenly trumpets. On the third day at dawn, Moses saw the Lord appear who gave him his commandments.
Worship of the Golden Calf. (L’Adoration du Veau d’Or)
However, the people, not seeing Moses come down from the mountain, forced his brother Aaron to set up a god for him, whose golden jewels formed the elements. A golden calf was their symbolic idol, around which they drank and danced. Suddenly Moses appeared, quivering with anger at their impiety. He broke the tables of the law by overthrowing the Golden Calf. The frightened Israelites had fled; only Aaron, supplicating, implored the pity of his brother, prostrate and trembling before this majestic anger.
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One of the first films about Moses

This film is one of the first about Moses, but I found it pretty good even so. It does require some foreknowledge of the story, but past that it is quite spectacular. We get the first scene dividing the red sea! We get burning bush! We get drowning armies. We get a real snake! Apart from this, I liked the attention of details added, and things like Moses hitting and destroying the golden calf with the ten commandments is pretty cool. The negatives are that some of the shots are a bit long, and the actors crossing the red sea are not very happy looking.