Movie 5min

The Imager of Mont Saint-Michel (1909)

Original title: L'imagier du Mont Saint-Michel
Not rated.

Director Louis Feuillade
Country France
Language French
(Original) L'imagier du Mont Saint-Michel
(Alternative) La légende de l'imagier
Black and White Convent Miracles Monk Painting Poverty Short Silent Film St. Michael

A poor image-maker traveling through Brittany, travels along the shores towards Mont Saint-Michel, whose imposing silhouette can be seen in the distance. It's the end of the day. The poor devil notices that the sea is rising behind him, and he hastens to run towards the abbey, so as not to be surprised by the waves. But another peril threatens him; his steps sink into the quicksand and he is about to get bogged down. Fortunately, he can take refuge on a rock which soon becomes surrounded by water. There, clinging to the rock, he addresses an ardent prayer to Saint-Michel, for he sees his strength abandoning him, and he is about to fall into the water. However, from the top of the walls of the abbey, a lookout saw the critical situation of the unfortunate. He warns the monks. A boat is launched, in the sea, and we go to help the poor wretch. Picked up in a boat, the artist is taken back to the Monastery, half-dead. Cared for by the monks, he makes his prettiest songs heard, but one day, his songs are interrupted by a fit of coughing, people crowd around him; an old Benedictine examines him, and declares that he does not have long to live. The image maker wants before he dies, to execute for the abbey a triptych to the glory of Saint-Elchel. In the cloister, he sets up his easel and sets to work, But the evil progresses, he faints, and laments and feels that he is going to die without having accomplished his work. One day when he is dozing in front of his unfinished canvas, the Archangel appears, and taking brushes and palettes, he finishes the painting himself. Thus, when he wakes up, and before he dies, the poor image-maker has the joy of contemplating the miraculous work accomplished.

Source: Gaumont - Translated

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