Movies in 15. century

Category group: Era
Parent categories: The Renaissance, Byzantine Empire, Early Modern Period
Child categories: Discovery of America, Crusades in the Holy Land, Witch Trials
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Execution Of Joan Of Arc 1898 1min Georges Hatot France French 6
Humanity Through The Ages 1908 16min Georges Méliès France French NR
Jeanne d'Arc 1903 Jacques de Fouchécour France French NR
Jeanne d'Arc 1909 Honoré Le Sablais France French NR
Joan Of Arc 1895 1min Alfred Clark United States English NR
Joan of Arc 1900 11min Georges Méliès France French 6
Joan of Arc 1909 16min Albert Capellani France French 7
Life of Joan of Arc 1909 13min Mario Caserini Italy Italian NR
Spanish Inquisition 1899 1min Georges Méliès France French NR