Movie 2min

The Diabolical Saucepan (1904)

Original title: La Marmite diabolique
Not rated.

Country France
Language French
(Original) La Marmite diabolique
(Country Spesific) Devil's Pot
(France, 1904) Pathé Frères
(USA, 1904) Pathé Frères
(1904) S. Lubin
(US Import, 1904) Pathé Frères
Black and White Children Comedy Fantasy Food Lost Film Morbid Short Silent Film The Devil Trick Film

A chef, after giving his instructions to a young cook, leaves him alone in the kitchen specially telling him to boil the beef. He is no sooner out than Satan comes out of the boiler and changes to a living fowl a dead one that the young cook was preparing. The latter, scared to death, tries to flee but Satan gets hold of him and puts him in the saucepan and disappears.

The chef returns and failing to find his cook, looks after the dinner and finds a strange taste. He stirs with his fork and takes out by pieces the body of his cook. With great difficulty he succeeds in putting the pieces together, when the cook relates what had happened, but in the place of the saucepan he sees the enormous head of the Devil, and while he flies away the Chef falls into a cauldron full of jam.

Source: Pathé Freres Catalog Supplement January 1904

A cook and his assistant are seen preparing dinner. While cook leaves the room he cautions his assistant to watch the pot so that it will not boil over. The assistant proceeds to pick the feathers from a chicken. Meanwhile the pot boils over and Satan appears, surrounded by a cloud of steam. He alights and creeps over to within a few feet of the bench on which the assistant is sitting. Suddenly the chicken takes life and Satan stands out in the centre of the floor. He seizes the assistant and, after wrestling with him, throws him bodily into the large pot, the chicken meanwhile hops away. Satan disappears and the cook returns. Missing his assistant, he looks into the pot and tastes the contents thereof with a large ladle. The soup not being to his taste, he digs into it with a large spit, when out comes one of the legs of his assistant. He dips in again and repeats until the entire body, in small pieces, lies on the floor before him. Fishing for the head, he finally pulls out the head of an ass. Throwing it on the floor, the pieces come slowly together, but the head of the assistant is still missing. He returns to the cauldron and finally fishes out the head, which, together with an arm that had been overlooked, he throws at his assistant, and he is again restored to his natural shape. He relates his experience to the cook, who listens with mouth wide open. In the meantime the cauldron takes the shape of a huge devil head, and in their excitement to run away the bench is overturned and the cook is precipitated to the floor with great force. Extraordinarily funny.

Source: Lubin Catalog

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