Movie 7min

The Honor Of The Slums (1909)

Not rated.

Director Van Dyke Brooke
Country United States
Language English
Alcohol Black and White Bowery Mission Drama Forgiveness Melodrama Redemption Salvation Army Short Silent Film Slum

Bill Stokes, a confirmed drunkard, by his ill treatment drives his wife from home, and she joins the Salvation Army. Bill accidentally drops into the "Bowery Mission" while his wife is relating her experience. Bill is deeply moved by the story, comes forward, asks forgiveness, and is taken in as a recruit.

Source: The Film Index

Mary Stokes, whose husband, Bill, is a drunkard, is busily engaged working about the room. Bill enters, goes to the cupboard, finds his whiskey flask empty and starts out to have it filled. Mary remonstrates, whereupon her husband hurls her aside and goes to the saloon. She follows and begs of him to forsake this vile habit, but is again pushed aside and shrinks out of the door while the bartender and loungers laugh. The poor woman returns home broken-hearted and sinks wearily into a chair. A paper is on the table. She reads of a suicide and determines upon the same course as an escape from her cheerless life. Leaving Mary for a moment, we see the Salvation Army leaving their headquarters, marching down the street, and at Thompson street entrance to Washington Park they form a circle and conduct an open-air meeting. Mary comes upon them here, mingles with the crowd; the leader speaks a few words of comfort to the disheartened wife and soon she expresses a wish to join the army. The leader welcomes her and takes her to the mission. Bill meanwhile keeps at his drinking, and a few days later we find him in a saloon drinking heavily as his wife enters dressed in a Salvation Army garb selling the 'War Cry." As she goes among the men trying to sell her paper she recognizes Bill, and again pleads with him, but to no avail. He angrily orders her from the place, attempts to strike her, when the bartender jumps from behind the bar and knocks Bill down. The fight which ensues attracts the police, who arrest the offenders and take Bill to the hospital. Mary forgets his unkind treatment and visits him, bringing him flowers and dainties. She offers up a prayer in his behalf, again begs him to change his ways, then leaves. In due time Bill is released from the hospital and immediately starts for big old haunts he enters the saloon in which he was injured and calls for a drink, and as he raises it to his lips a vision of his wife appears before him. He dashes the glass to the floor and hurriedly departs. He walks aimlessly along the streets until he reaches the "Bowery Mission." A girl is singing a song. Bill enters and takes a seat in the rear. The song finished, Mary rises to speak. She is apparently telling of her experience. Bill is deeply moved by her story, and, overcome by remorse, rushes up the aisle, falls to his knees and begs her forgiveness. The Salvationists form about them, Bill expresses sorrow for his past, asks to join the army and is accepted as a recruit.

Source: The Moving Picture World

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