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The Salvation Army Lass (1909)


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Director D.W. Griffith
Country United States
Language English
Alcohol Black and White Criminal Drama Melodrama Redemption Romance Salvation Army Short Silent Film Slum

Mary Wilson, a neglected child of the slums, falls in with Bob Walton, a tough denizen of the lower east side, and loves him with a pure, honest affection that his low nature cannot appreciate. He forces her to enter a saloon where she is insulted by Harry Brown, which is resented by Bob. They quarrel, come to blows, and Brown draws a gun as Bob closes in on him, forcing the muzzle against Brown's breast as it explodes, thereby causing him to shoot himself, dying almost instantly. But Walton is arrested and sentenced to one year in Sing Sing. The morning papers appear with an account of the affair and as Mary's name is put into prominence in the account she is grievously hounded by misfortune, evicted from her boarding place and also discharged from the factory where she works, she falls into the hands of a professional woman shoplifter, who is anxious to enlist her services as an accomplice. The girl soon discovers the character of her would-be benefactor, and rushes from the place, running into the arms of the Salvation Army, which offers her peace and rest. Taking her to the barracks she is enrolled a soldier, and one soul is lifted from the darkness into the light. With the Army, Mary has won the affection of all for her humility and goodness. Working as she does, in the slums a year later she comes face to face with Bob, who has just been released from prison, having served his time. He is on the point of becoming a party to a burglary, but she prevents, even with almost fatal results for herself. But she will not give him up, and after a series of touching episodes finally moves him to appreciate the strength of that holy invitation "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give thee rest." so in the final scene we see Bob kneel in devout humility to receive God's healing grace from His ministers, A strong point in this subject is that it depicts real life and real people.

Source: Moving Picture World

A girl from New York slums becomes involved with crooks, but is saved by the Salvation Army. She enrols and reforms her lover when he is released from prison.

Source: BFI

Based on the 1908 play "Salvation Nell" by Edward Sheldon.

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Florence Lawrence - Mary Wilson
Harry Solter - Bob Walton
Charles Inslee - Harry Brown / In Street Crowds
Linda Arvidson - In First Bar / In Factory
John R. Cumpson - Salvation Army / In Factory
Charles Avery - In First Bar / In Factory
Florence Barker -
Edward Dillon -
Adele DeGarde - In Street Crowds
George Gebhardt - In Second Bar / In Street Crowds
Robert Harron - In Street Crowds
Arthur Marvin - Cinematography
Edward Sheldon - Writer (Play)
D.W. Griffith - Writer
G.W. Bitzer - Cinematography
D.W. Griffith - Director
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Fine story of finding God and each other

The quality of the paper print restoration is far from how it probably looked originally, but that aside, I found this film a nice little story of how paths diverge but find back together when united with the love of God. It may be a bit simple, but although Christian movies today do not do things much better when it comes to conversion, this movie still manages in its short runtime to put in a story of a man in agony within himself, and ready for finding God when it finally happens. The Salvation Army, even if their work is and were admirable, I found here to be a little bit too much of a caricature. Fine movie nonetheless.