Movies about parable

Category group: Subject
Title Year Length Directors Country Language Rating
Blind Man of Jerusalem, The 1909 11min Louis Feuillade France French 9
Good Samaritan, The 1903 2min Alf Collins United Kingdom English NR
Prodigal Son, The 1901 7min Ferdinand Zecca France French NR
Prodigal Son, The 1907 1h 30min Michel Carré, Jean Benoit-Lévy France French NR
Prodigal Son, The 1909 9min Georges Berr France French 8
Prodigal Son, The 1911 9min Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset France French NR
Prodigal, The 1908 United Kingdom English NR
Retour De L'enfant Prodigue 1908 3min France French NR
Two Sons, The 1909 6min United States English NR