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Topsy-Turvy Dance By Three Quaker Maidens (1902)

Flag is removed to reveal girls' legs are their arms.
Not rated.

Director George Albert Smith
Country United Kingdom
Language English
(Alternative) The Puritan Maiden’s Upside-Down Dance
Black and White Comedy Dance Flag Lost Film Quaker Short Silent Film

This is a laughable sell, for although the Quakeresses apparently retire behind a flag and dance with their feet and legs in the air, the attendants accidentally drop the flag and show "how it is done."

Source: We put the world before you by means of the Bioscope and Urban films

A comic film in which the three dancers in Quaker costumes go behind an American flag held by two men. They appear to be dancing upside down until the flag is lowered to show they are waving dummy legs. Also released in 1902 in a 17.5mm version called The Puritan Maiden’s Upside-Down Dance 20ft.

Source: Brighton & Hove, film and cinema

In this turn of the century comedy by George Albert Smith, three women in Quaker costume perform a dance that is revealed to be not quite what it seems.

Three women in Quaker costume dance in choreographed unison. They jump over an American flag which is then held up at either side by two men. They appear to dance with their legs in the air behind. Back in front of the flag they repeat their dance and again retire behind it. The flag is dropped by the attendants to reveal the women are holding up fake legs. The middle dancer is the last to drop the legs and she storms off, shouting angrily at the remaining attendant.

Source: Screen Archive South East

The Puritan Maiden’s Upside-Down Dance, 1902 version, was on 17.5mm film and 20 feet long, with the following catalogue description: "Live stage sketch showing three dancers who go behind a cloth and wave fake legs in the air"

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