Movie 11min

The Devil (1908)

Not rated.

Based on Play Black and White Drama Short Silent Film Temptation The Devil

The Spark of Love.
Karl, an artist, meets his former sweetheart at her husband's house. Both believe their love dead. Olga, a faithful wife; Karl, six years absent. Old memories awake. Husband orders Karl to paint his wife's portrait. To sit for the following day.

Mimi, the "Model."
Karl passes a restless night. Mimi reproaches for coldness. He promises to visit her. Olga and husband meet Mimi on the stairs. Karl and Olga feel an influence. Strive to resist. Husband departs.

The Tempter Appears:
Preparations for sitting. Olga removes waist. Startled by sudden appearance of Devil. His cynical philosophy overcomes scruples, terrifies Olga. She rushes from room.

Karl and the Devil:
Devil praises Olga, urges, hints, promises. Forces invitation to ball from Olga. Karl and Olga about to kiss when husband arrives. Mbarrassment. Devil satisfactorily explains.

Mimi and Olga Meet:
Mimi calls. Devil hides her. Makes Olga jealous. Reveals Mimi. Karl tries to explain. Olga leaves. Karl goes to Mimi's house.

The "Lost Sovereign:"
Karl tries to resist temptation. Devil Tells story. Shows how he may lose Olga. Maddens Karl. Threatens to shoot. A sneer calms.

At the Ball:
In honor of Elsa, Olga match maker. Devil creates commotion. Powerless against Elsa. Controls Karl and Olga.

A Devil's Trap:
Commands Olga to cloak. Karl fears an elopement. Husband removes cloak. Karl confused. Devil gloats.

The Devil's Letter:
Olga decides to write Karl. "Never to see her again." Devil dictates, "I love you: I am yours: take me." Olga tries to recover letter. She faints.

Tempter Triumphs:
Olga visits studio. Devil gives a letter to Karl. He burns it. Goes to his room. Olga chagrined. Turns to depart. Devil intercepts, gives her real letter. She rushes to Karl's room. Devil watches. His work accomplished.

Source: Moving Picture World

First film made based on the play "Az ördög; vigjátek három felvon" ( The Devil ) by Ferenc Molnár. The movie vas used as a talking picture where actors added dialogue by talking behind the curtain.

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Edwin S. Porter - Cinematography
Ferenc Molnár - Writer (Play)
Edwin S. Porter - Director