Documentary 16min

Modern Rome: St. Peter's And The Vatican (1911)

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ROME is dealt with in its modern and ancient aspects in two separate KINEMACOLOR films. As the capital of Italy, and formerly of the Roman Empire, republic and kingdom, and long the religious centre of Western Christendom, Rome is, of course, one of the most ancient and interesting cities of the world. It stands on both sides of the Tiber, about fifteen miles from the sea. The modern portions have been made much more healthy and sanitary since the city became the capital of Italy. This picture was taken on the day of the arrival of the Prince of Connaught, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Freedom of Italy, and many of the streets are decorated.

Source: Kinemacolor Film Catalogue 1912-1913

Synopsis - 10 Scenes
General Panorama
taken from Monte Gianiacono. The Piazza del Popolo and Monte de Pincio. The latter is one of the open spaces of Rome; it is a fashionable drive towards evening, when it presents a gay and animated appearance.
An Egyptian Obelisk.
This Egyptian obelisk dates from the fourteenth century B.C.; it was brought to Rome by the Emperor Augustus. The obelisk stands in the Porta del Popolo, on the north side of the city.
The Via Nationale.
One of the principal business streets; the houses marked with the British flag are the offices of English firms. The Piazza Navona and the Church San Agnes.
The Castle San Angelo.
This was built by the Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum.
Street Scenes.
An English clergyman with his wife. descends from a tramcar in the Piazza Venetia, a busy thoroughfare. The Via del Campidoglio.
Fontana di Trevi
constructed by Pope Clement XII in 1735, after the design of Salvi.
A Group of Roman Boys
playing, then quarreling and fighting. This Is a very natural touch and so perfect is the color reproduction that the scene is most realistic.
The Market.
Near here is the Church Casa Nuova, with colored posters on the wall and an ice cream stall in the foreground.
The Porto San Paulo,
one of the gates of the city. A heavy motor vehicle is shown passing by.
St. Peter's,
and the Vatican as seen from the Tiber. In the background is the castle San Angelo. The Piazza St. Peter
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